Benefits of Side Return Extension to Your Home

BY DAN DAVIDSON – Design Director of Build Team, the side return extension company

With Spring fast approaching, now is a great time to think about re-vamping your home and making those changes you’ve been considering for a while. A side return extension is a great way to give your home a new lease of life ready to enjoy the garden in the warmer months.

Side Return Extension
Side Return Extension in SW4

There are several benefits of a side return extension, and now, more than ever, families are considering extensions before they even purchase a property; with many booking pre-purchase site visits to discuss the feasibility of undertaking a side return extension before they’ve put in an offer.

An expanding family, working from home or simply needing extra space to entertain can all be reasons for building an extension. Coupled with the fact you can retain your existing home and gain real property value.

For many, the idea of having any building work done can be a daunting one. Which contractor should I choose, will they understand my needs and will the extension add value to my home are all key questions to ask.  It is important to understand exactly what you’re buying into and that the plans you’re provided with are not only feasible, but within budget. The end value of the property also needs to be taken into consideration, particularly when planning the interior of the build.

Build Team Side Return Extension Klea-Avenue22
Side Return Extension in Clapham

A side return extension will make use of wasted but available space. It can increase the size of the living area, and with the addition of skylights, can allow in up to 40% more natural light. The natural light not only helps to create a brighter, open plan, living space but also makes the area feel larger. Using bi-fold doors will also blur the boundaries between the inside and outside- bringing the outside in, creating a great space for entertaining and a perfect environment for a young family.

Increasing the floor space of a home opens up the possibility of remodelling the living space completely. If the current layout of the home isn’t working, consider the new space an extension could bring and adapt the current layout to work harder. This can be especially useful when visiting a property with a view to buy. If the current layout won’t work, consider the extra floor space and then re think the rooms. Factor in the extension costs to the purchase price and see if it can become a viable option. The same can be said for an existing home. As families and work requirements change so should your home. The additional space can alleviate the need to move, build an outside office or entertain elsewhere.

By opening up a home with a side return extension it allows you to think about how best to use the new space and make it more functional. For many, working with an architect can offer new and exciting ways to use the space. Adding an under floor wine cellar for instance could be out of the usual thought process but isn’t impossible.

Ultimately, your needs will define the design of the build. And, with a side return extension helping to increase the value of a property between 10% – 20% it can be a sound financial choice.

Dan Davidson - MD of Build Team

Dan Davidson – Founder and Design Director of Build Team – designed and built his first Side Return Extension for his own home back in 1999. He was keen that the space should be light, bright and spacious, and it worked, because very soon his new room became the heart of his home, a fantastic space for his growing family and perfect for entertaining.

At that stage, tinkering around with Victorian houses was still very much a hobby for Dan, and it wasn’t until five years later that he built his next Side Return Extension. It was then that he realised there was scope for a company that specialised in creating them.

In 2007, Dan said goodbye to a career in Corporate Banking to set up Build Team. Mark Eden joined the business shortly after and now, seven years on, they are known for providing stylish, high quality solutions for London homeowners who want to extend their kitchen to create bigger, better, more flexible space in which to cook, eat, live and entertain.

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