001 Intensive Elixir

001 is a luxury British brand created by aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi. Designed to “return skin to a state of natural equilibrium”, the superlative skincare line fuses modern bio-chemistry and traditional apothecary principles from Asia & beyond, its potent actives collectively; restoring skin balance, providing the resilience to counteract environmental imbalance generated by free radicals in our modern lifestyles and helping to prolong the ageing process at a cellular level.IntensiveElixir_Fin

Ada Ooi believes,

“Our busy, city dwelling lifestyles often create internal imbalances that lead to unsatisfactory skin conditions – 001 helps soothe imperfections and rejuvenate with its refined, potent ingredients. Above all, we value human discovery, enlightment and ingenuity – all play a part in 001 and we invite experimentation with different applications – tapping, massaging or pressing – to stimulate blood flow and enhance absorption – making the products work harder for you.”

Formulated and hand poured using innovative hybrid methods at 001 equiHybrid™ Lab in the UK, every formula boasts powerful blends of the highest quality and proven efficacy ingredients – both natural actives and minimal safe synthetics – created by experienced botanists and bio-chemists, inspired to source unique extracts from around the world.

Precious Finds

A fine and potent intensive treatment line inspired by global travel and one of the greatest explorers of all time, Marco Polo. Packaged in apothecary Miron violet glass containers and closures to provide optimal protection against the harmful effects of light on delicate active elements in the ingredients.

Intensive Elixir

An opulent creation using hand-picked, sought-after ingredients from around the world. A sumptuous oil-serum crafted with 3 precious essential oils, 4 refined bio-dynamic oils and 4 pure plant extracts to meet the tough skincare demands of unstable environmental factors in city life. An elixir for all skin types, creating a soft and supple skin texture with a youthful glow.

Mode of Use: Apply one to two drops massaging into skin using fingertips in gentle tapping motions. Use after cleansing and toning am/pm.





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