SLOAN! Magazine

SLOAN! is a luxury lifestyle magazine for discerning readers in London and beyond which looks to inspire and provide possibilities, options and choice to it’s readers. Each edition of SLOAN! includes celebrity interviews, expert articles, features on people talented in their field in addition to reviewing restaurants, hotels and products which can provide the extraordinary to SLOAN! readers.

SLOAN! targets AB demographic in the most affluent of areas of London including Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia, Fulham, Wimbledon, Putney, Richmond. The digital edition was launched in January 2015.

How SLOAN! magazine is different

1. It is SLOAN! policy to not accept advertising in the normal fashion and magazine recommendations cannot be bought. We don’t employ sales staff, we do not sell our space, if a company believes in our ethos of giving back to those who need it most and they wish to sponsor us we will consider them, but not all sponsors will be accepted.

2. SLOAN! accepts sponsorship by people, clients or companies that believe in the brand. Sponsorship money goes to improving the magazine in terms of circulation and marketing and such sponsorship does not buy extra space in the magazine. Any profit after that is donated to charity.

3. SLOAN! is about paying it forward to those less fortunate, by providing opportunities, life lessons, choices and advice to those more fortunate allowing them to become even more successful, making more informed choices and ultimately pay it forward in their own way. SLOAN! never preaches as to paying it forward only states that that is their ethos while respecting other’s beliefs.

4.  SLOAN! only accept companies who are happy to have the trial review product donated to charity after use and as such does not accept loan samples. When recommending products it is not to fill space it is because we as a brand believe in the product. Obviously perishables will be consumed on site but technology, gadgets and larger appliances which are not kept by the magazine or reviewer will be donated. Those who wish to have the a particular charity donated to please contact us or mention it when sending your products in.

5. We grade products on the SLOAN! Factor. This is calculated by the percentage of the SLOAN! Team and it’s reviewers and her clients that would actually go out and purchase the product and or use it regularly. We believe this to be a true test of a product. If the product is of good quality but after trialling it you cannot convince one of the SLOAN! Team to use it again because they already have a different product that does the same thing, you are not creating a raving customer fan base. The higher the SLOAN! factor, the higher your likely potential fan base in the SLOAN! demographic.

Circulation & Conversion Rates

So often companies rely on high circulation numbers to value how much they should spend on advertising. By not accepting advertising we abolish this immediately. However, the chokehold of any company is it’s owner and as such an extraordinary business mind knows that circulation is not necessarily indicative of conversion rate.

Consumers are getting wise to being sold to especially in the upper demographics. SLOAN! can provide your product being on the lips of an increased fan base, but you have to keep current and offer a superior product to increase sales or your product/service will be severely challenged. Apple clearly demonstrated this to Microsoft with their marketing and advertising as did Netflix to Blockbuster!

SLOAN! puts the emphasis back on the company to offer something of value to SLOAN! readers, be it the product itself, an extra discount or information in the form of Q&A.

Due to our strong ethos which is not to recommend just any product, our readers trust SLOAN! A company who knows their market will know the likely conversion rate of their product in our demographic. They will know that it’s not just the conversion rate at play here but the psychology of the demographic which in this case loves to share new luxury products with their peers, be it in a “Keeping up with the Jones'” way or a “Wow, this product is fantastic” mentality.

SLOAN! challenges a product or service to step up and deliver and that is why SLOAN! readers can trust the brand. We all know, but rarely mention the mark up on particular products, so even in the smallest circulation of 5000 copies in a magazine that unlike us accepts advertisers, even if a magazine had a very low conversion rate a good product would increase sales and make a profit, a great product will make a great  profit but an extraordinary product will corner it’s market.

As SLOAN! only accepts great and extraordinary products and as our demographic and ethos combined leads to a higher conversion and as our circulation is higher than 5000, it is no wonder such good quality products are wanting to feature in SLOAN!

To those who are focusing on circulation and conversion rates, we suggest you shift your focus and energy into making your product extraordinary, so that we can make SLOAN! even more extraordinary.