Action Aid: ‘Child of Our City’ Sponsorship Appeal

Anti-poverty charity, ActionAid, is asking one person from towns and cities throughout the UK to each partner with and sponsor the child of their region in the New Year.

The urgent appeal partners children such as Ziffa, aged 4, with one sponsor, who will see first-hand the amazing difference their sponsorship makes to them and their community in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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Help a child like Ziffa

Ziffa lives in Malawi where more than half of the population lives on less than £1 a day. Communities depend on farming but failing crops have left many struggling to earn a living.

In Malawi, ActionAid helps by providing the basics – food, water and healthcare as well as agricultural support to farming families. Through child sponsorship the charity has also helped build schools so children like Ziffa have a brighter future.

Commenting on behalf of ActionAid, Jane Moyo says: “For just £15 a month, child sponsorship through ActionAid can help bring about real, long-term change.

“You’ll get two letters a year from the child you sponsor, and updates from the country to tell you how the money you donate is changing lives. That could be through building classrooms, supplying clean water, delivering basic healthcare and even offering small business training.

“We’re hoping this appeal, focused on local communities, will help us change these children’s future for good.”

Anyone keen to take part, but who misses out on the chance to sponsor the child of their city can still offer the gift of giving by sponsoring another child with ActionAid for themselves, or on behalf of someone they love.

Mark Watson with some of the children supported by Action Aid
Mark Watson with some of the children supported by Action Aid

ActionAid sponsor, and celebrity comedian and author, Mark Watson says: “People often feel with charities that they’re pouring money into a far-off place that will never solve any of its problems. With child sponsorship you get to see the relationship between your donations and the real improvements in a specific person’s life. It’s really rewarding as well as being desperately needed.”

Throughout the appeal, which is being rolled out nationwide, ActionAid is aiming to reach 2,700 of the world’s most vulnerable children in countries including; Myanmar, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.

Please visit the ActionAid blog for more information or to sponsor a child directly please visit


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