Whether workouts have been a little neglected, abandoned entirely, or if you’re simply looking to make the most of New Year resolve to get as far along in fitness goals as possible, teaming exercise with the correct nutrients and supplements is vital in order to achieve the optimum results.

But pre and post-workout nutrition doesn’t start and end with protein powders – by tailoring the levels of a number of specific nutrients, neurotransmitters and amino acids, it is possible to hotwire the body to be the very best it can be.

The new range of supplements from Adapt Nutrition goes beyond protein powders, instead focusing on some of the most potent, high quality and scientifically proven supplements on the market, to provide the optimum biological environment for exercise. We tried Adapto-Lean for 30 days. Read more about Adapto-Lean below and check out our review score at the bottom of the page.

adaptolean_finalEverybody needs a bit of help achieving their goals sometimes, and advanced weight management supplements like Adapt Nutrition Adapto-Lean (£28.00) can help to trim down fat to reveal the results of workouts faster, ensuring the body is constantly adapting to metabolic changes for consistent weight loss.

Green tea extract, bitter orange peel, cayenne pepper, green coffee and olive extract are among the 12 different plant, vitamin, mineral and herbal ingredients that make up this highly effective weight loss management supplement.

Adapto-Lean also contains chromium, which contributes to normal nutrient metabolism and blood glucose – both of which are vital for a lean body composition, in order to maximise weight loss in a controlled way.

Directions:  Take 2 capsules 30 minutes before a meal (e.g. breakfast), and two capsules a minimum of four hours later (preferably 30 minutes before lunch). Do not exceed four capsules per day.

Adapt Nutrition Adapto-Lean (£27.99) is available to buy in store and online at Monster Supplements, online and in UK Powerhouse Fitness stores, and via

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The SLOAN! Factor


  • Supports weight mangagement
  • High quality ingredients
  • Body fat reduced faster than through exercise alone
  • The body looks leaner after 30 days

  • Can repeat on you with unpleasant aftertaste
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