AFYNA Night Serum

The AFYNA website states that this is a “transforming serum that combines powerful AHA natural fruit extracts to encourage cell turnover with hyaluronic acid to accelerate the skin’s own ability to replenish its moisture levels. Formulated alongside vitamins E, A, and C to dramatically improve vitality while reducing the signs of ageing, leaving the skin feeling fuller and healthier.”

AFYNA Night Serum is 79% certified organic and made by a British company, two things which instantly got our attention because not only do we love organic products her at SLOAN! Magazine but we also are keen to promote and support British companies.

The serum easily absorbs into the skin with no sticky residue which is ideal for anyone who wants to commit to a skincare routine but is too busy to sit around and wait for creams to sink in. After only two weeks skin looked brighter and felt more hydrated. After four weeks signs of ageing appeared reduced and skin felt plumper.

See the review score to find out more about how we rated AFYNA night serum.

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User Experience


Value For Money


The SLOAN! Factor


  • 79% Organic
  • Light pleasant scent
  • Absorbs Easily
  • Skin looked better in 4 weeks

  • Runny but easier to apply
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