Ahmad Tea English Tea No. 1

Ahmad Tea’s English Tea No. 1  is a blend of exclusive quality teas lightly flavoured with bergamot with a balanced aroma, colour and strength which can be enjoyed on many different occasions.

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English Tea No. 1 has acquired fans all over the world and is one of Ahmad Tea’s bestselling blends. A blend of teas from Assam, Sri Lanka and Kenya, three of Britain’s favourite tea regions, are balanced to deliver a lively, rounded, satisfying brew. With its deep amber liquor, a hint of bergamot and a flavour more subtle than other everyday blends, this is a brew for moments when refreshment and revival are required and only the best tea will do.

Ahmad Tea is a leading British tea company. The privately owned family business was founded in Hampshire (where its headquarters remain) 30 years ago – by brothers, with the sole purpose of bringing affordable, but high quality tea to the world. Now led by Managing Director Rahim Afshar the company is in the third generation of the Afshar family. Ahmad Tea is the third largest international tea brand and employs over 700 staff across 7 sites worldwide. Exporting to around 80 countries, Ahmad Tea is already a household name in many parts of the world. Over the years, it has succeeded in raising the standard of mainstream tea in major tea drinking countries and regions, including Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

English Tea No. 1 costs £3.50 for 100 tagged teabags or £4 for 100g loose tea caddy. For more information and stockists, please visit www.ahmadtea.com

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  • Refreshing subtle tea blend
  • Ideal accompaniment for Afternoon Tea
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