AlcoDigital 3000 Breathalyzer

Draeger has been supplying the world’s police forces with breath alcohol measuring equipment for over 50 years. Over 65% of the UK Police forces use the Home-Office approved Draeger 6510, but this device costs nearly £800 – too much for most individuals. Now however AlcoDigital, already the UK’s largest independent supplier of Breathalysers, has launched the AlcoDigital 3000. Manufactured in Germany on their behalf by Draeger – based on exactly the same advanced electrochemical sensor technology that forms the core of their 6510/6810 Police Approved Breathalysers.  As well as being simple to use, it has true police accuracy and is the only personal breathalyzer to come with a 2 year warranty. It retails at £349.95 on AlcoDigital’s website.

3000 WhiteEstablished 2002, AlcoDigital has become the UK’s leading Drug & Alcohol Testing suppliers providing equipment, advice and training to major PLCs such as Arriva, Wincanton, BP and Aldi as well as the NHS, Probation Services, the Nuclear Fuel Agency and local government. Customer service is key; over 20% of our turnover comes from repeat customers.

Draeger are probably the largest supplier of Drug & Alcohol testing equipment in the world; AlcoDigital has had Main Dealer status with Draeger since 2003. They are also sole UK distributors for the some of the world’s largest breathalyzer manufacturers; LifeLoc (USA), Q3i (USA), Sentech (Korea) and Contralco (France).

AlcoDigital don’t just sell Breathalyzers; they supply and fit Vehicle Interlocks, Calibrate and Service over 50 different Breathalyzer types, carry out Certified On-Site Drug & Alcohol Training, offer online eLearning courses and supply the Draeger 5000 roadside Drug Tester – the only “Drugalyzer” approved by the UK Home Office for police use.

In January 2014 AlcoDigital were appointed sole Amazon Vendor Partner for Breathalyzers in the UK. In the past six months, Amazon sales have risen by 135%.

The AlcoDigital 3000, launched in 2010, has become the de-facto market leading device with unrivalled accuracy; in 2011 it was the outright winner of the largest and most thorough test ever carried out. Its place as the UK’s most Accurate Personal Breathalyzer adds significant credence to the AlcoDigital range as being the best quality devices in the market.

Ben Collins, made famous in his role as The Stig on Top Gear, is the brand ambassador of AlcoDigital bringing substantial brand value and credibility to the new range. Known for his precision and accuracy on the track, Ben has made a career out of assessing some of the finest cars in the world and determining the best of the best. His endorsement of AlcoDigital reinforces their place as the class leader for choice, quality and accuracy.

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