Alma de Cuba Coffee

Alma de Cuba states: “Intense, bright but balanced, with wonderful silkiness and a lingering finish, Cafecito is Cuban for a ‘traditional strong, sweet espresso’. Up to the 1940s, Cuban coffee plantations were famed for producing some of the finest coffee beans money could buy. But sadly this changed. By 2012, Cuban coffee production was in what seemed like terminal decline. It looked like nothing could save it – until now… Grown in the rich, fertile soils of the mountains overlooking the Caribbean – this is one of the best coffee-growing climates anywhere in the world.”

The packaging has a trendy design which looks quite smart. The grounds have the slightest aroma of bitter chocolate and brown sugar underneath  sharp yet sweet roasted aroma. The brewed coffee had a lovely taste and was only slightly bitter. We felt the espresso was better suited after dinner than than served at breakfast but that was our own personal perference. Overall we were intrigued by this Cuban coffee and would definitely try more from the Alma de Cuba range in the future. The coffee is available exclusively via

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Value For Money


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  • Good quality espresso
  • Available whole bean or fine grind
  • Roasted in small batches for freshness
  • Artisan-like Production

  • Slightly high in price
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