Dining at Angelus is one of life’s pleasures, as you’re greeted at the door by Thierry Tomasin, the former pub evokes an easy, yet chic and charming ambience in which to while away an afternoon on the terrace or enjoy a romantic evening over a glass or Champagne or sweet Maury dessert wine.

Thierry Tomasin
Thierry Tomasin

The restaurant is perfectly located for private dinners and special evenings discreetly situated on Bathurst Street it’s a favourite with Francophones and the well-heeled. Located on the border of Bayswater and Paddington, just moments from Lancaster Gate tube. Angelus restaurant is located on the site of the former The Archery Tavern which was frequented by characters such as Winston Churchill.

2015 05 14 angelus restaurant london 43Today the restaurant is a well-established ‘Belle Époque’ French Parisian style brasserie, with a private dining room encased by a glass state of the art wine cellar, and tiles hewn from Burgundy. It is a firm local favourite and destination must for international gourmands.

2015 05 14 angelus restaurant london 47Thierry Tomasin’s sleek design and attention to detail are in every aspect of Angelus. The interior – a colour scheme of dark red Chesterfield banquet seating, vintage Belle Époque mirrors, dark mahogany and oak flooring and boutique lounge area for pre or post dinner drinks is set under a warm gold lighting.  Vintage images with modern framework play on the theme of Angelus – an alignment of food and wine to indulge the senses.

IMG_3266Famous for their signature Angelus Foie Gras Crème Brûlée entrée, the menu is a tempting selection of well thought out and exquisite French classic entrees and plats. The Angelus school of thought and ethos behind these à la carte dishes from Head Chef Pierre Needham is a play on the French classics with a contemporary flair, pushing the boundaries with a technically inventive modern style to re-create French classic recipes in a unique way.

The SLOAN! Review

Angelus is situated in the heart of West London, with good transport links this restaurant is a must to visit. The outside of the restuarnt has a modern look but inside there are two main areas. The bar area is lit to give a nice relaxed romantic feel whereas the restaurant is slightly brighter with more of a buzz. For those looking for a function Angelus also have a table downstairs to seat up to 12 diners and they also have the “chefs table” which seats four and is the perfect place to learn about the creations adorning your plate.

Angelus 1

We were shown through to the bar area before our meal. It was the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of champagne and mixed nuts with buttery macadamia and plump cashew nuts. We were then brought our menus to choose our starters before being shown into the restaurant itself.

Angelus 9

Once we were seated the amuse bouche arrived. The salmon worked well with the croutons to create a tasty crunch.

The starters arrived promptly. We ordered the Rabbit and Grouse Terrine and the famous Foie Gras Creme Brulee. The terrine was a good mix of meat bringing out all the gamey flavours in the dish and was complemented by the sweet damson marmalade. The foie gras creme brulee was a very well thought out dish and the flavours showed. The caramelised almonds, poppy seeds and bread added another interest to the creamy rich foie gras pate hiding under the crisp sugary surface. This dish deserves its reputation and is one of the most popular on the menu, and you must try it given the chance.

Angelus 5

For the main event we chose the Balmoral Estate Venison which came perfectly cooked with roasted root vegetables, beetroot quinoa and black figs.


Angelus 4

We also chose the pan fried John Dory served with sweet potato and vanilla purée, baby vegetables, and braised fennel. The skin of the John Dory was crispy with the fish itself being moist and soft, which just fell apart in the mouth. This is would be the perfect light dish to enjoy for lunch perhaps with a glass of wine.

Angelus 2

Angelus has an interesting dessert menu and has a good selection of ice cream and sorbets. One of our favourite flavour was the Coca-Cola sorbet which really stood out to us and a must have on an extremely likely return visit.

Angelus 3

One dish that stood out to us was the Viennoiserie pudding containing Madeira soaked raisins, chocolate ice cream and crème anglaise. This was a take on bread and butter pudding that didn’t disappoint. The ice cream perfectly complemented the pastry and custard of the Viennoiserie pudding.
If you’re looking for authentic French classics reinvented in an innovative unique way which surprises the palate and indulges the senses, look no further than the wonderful food at Angelus.

4 Bathurst Street, London W2 2SD
0207 402 0083

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