What does anti-ageing actually mean?

In the light of the anti-ageing backlash with US magazine Allure banning the term “anti-ageing” we asked Dr Jules Nabet, a renowned aesthetic doctor with over 25 years’ experience, for his opinion on what anti-ageing actually means and to share his invaluable advice on how you can deal with the inevitable ageing process to look and feel your best.

Immersed in an ocean of airbrushed images, people feel pressure to achieve an enduring beauty – an ageless state of being. Subsequently, people buy into a prevailing narrative of anti-ageing.

However, the beauty industry is changing, the focus is shifting away from promises of products that will reverse the ageing process, to sustaining your overall health and wellbeing. Allure magazine recently banned the term anti-ageing in their magazine and this hints towards a growing trend in the industry to refocus our time and money into health, wellbeing and happiness.

It’s important to remember that change is inevitable. Ageing is a natural part of this and while we can’t eliminate it, we can do our best to keep healthy, and as a result, more youthful. Many of my clients ask me how to minimise ageing which impacts on their day to day lives and confidence. Here are some top tips I recommend to my clients to help them look and feel their best.

Exfoliation and Cleansing

This is important as ever to rid the complexion of skin-dulling dead cells, using ingredients such as glycolic acid in your exfoliator will help cell renewal whilst unclogging pores, leading to bright, clear skin. By removing dead skin and impurities, the skin can regenerate naturally.  Glycolic acid is perfect because it dissolves bonds holding the older layers of skin in place – this comes away and reveals the new skin beneath. It also penetrates deep into the pores, killing the bacteria that causes spots.

Mesotherapy Alternatives

Massively popular in France is mesotherapy but a non-invasive option where one can get all the key vitamins such as DMAE, vitamin A and C as well as Omega Oils 3&6, delivered deep into the dermis without the use of a needle is what women really want. These key vitamins make a real difference to the skin and its quality and tone resulting in instant brightness.

Hormones & Vitamins

Balancing your hormone levels can have substantial benefits for your appearance and health as they play a part in keeping your skin fresh and young. I believe it is essential to respect and look after both the inside and outside of the body. Skincare can be extremely effective but the effects of even the best cosmeceutical products will be short lived if you don’t use them regularly and for the long term.  Sustained use of products with ingredients such as phyto-hormones, hyaluronic acid, Amino Acids, Vitamins C, E, A, peptides and retinols have a significant impact on the skin. Hormones in skincare is also a hot topic; soya and yam mimic the hormones that naturally deplete in our skin as we age. It addresses imbalances in the skin, helping to reverse the loss of elasticity.

Face Masks

A mask is always good to use at home as this is going to stimulate the skin, leading to production of collagen and fibroblasts, or connective tissue cells, so skin is plumped up. No wonder skincare product or vitamin pill is going to have miracle effects it is a combinations of lots of different elements e.g. supplements, topical creams, Botox, laser etc.

Healthy Living

Fundamentally, a healthy lifestyle will help make your skin look its best – getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will all help your body function its best, and that will be reflected in how good your skin looks. Anyone who wants a bright youthful complexion needs to follow basic lifestyle guidelines; quit smoking, increase exercise, moderate intake of alcohol and stick to a healthy, balanced diet high in fatty acids, like fish. If you follow that simple advice, you will have beautiful skin well into later life.


The French Paradox is well known, drinking wine in moderation can be good for you – red is a lot better than white – but no more than one or two glasses a day as anymore and you are likely to be less vigilant with your diet and exercise routine.  A compound in the skin of red grapes called resveratrol, as well as tannins and flavonoids, is known for slowing the ageing process. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and antioxidants found in food or indeed in skincare products are very beneficial as they fight free radicals and cleanse waste products in our body. The fewer waste products present, the less the skin is wrinkled, inflamed and pigmented – all great age slowing benefits.

About Dr Jules Nabet

Dr Jules Nabet, Medical Director at Omniya Medi-Clinic, is a world renowned French aesthetic doctor with over 25 years’ experience in his specialised field of aesthetics.  Practising in his clinics in Paris, London and Moscow, Dr Nabet enjoys an international reputation and ranks in the top Botox practitioners, he also has his own range cosmeceutical skincare products. He is one of the most experienced injectable specialists in the UK and France. Dr Nabet is also an expert in hormone replacement therapy and the co-author of The Hormone Solution: Stay Younger Longer with Natural Hormone and Nutrition Therapies.

For more information please visit www.julesnabet.com

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