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Product Application Form For SLOAN! Gift Guide

This feature has been created to allow you to submit all necessary product information to be considered for inclusion in SLOAN! Gift Guide at our next editorial meeting. These are held weekly. By filling in the form you agree you are happy to be included in the gift guide in return for a non returnable sample or a review of suggested experience should you be chosen.

Please note as we have limited space in the gift guide, loan samples are not accepted in this form due to oversubscription.

Fields marked with an * are required

This form will be used to consider the suitability of your suggestion for inclusion in either the next issue of SLOAN! or online at For our coverage policy please click here.  Do not send in your product until it has been requested.

Please supply both cutout and lifestyle imagery where possible. Note we only accept media files via WeTransfer or Dropbox: WeTransfer is a free service that can transfer up to 2GB without the need for membership. To obtain a link, go to, choose the free option, press the bottom left-hand button to reveal the options of sending by e-mail or obtaining a link. Choose the link option, attach your files and click Transfer. When done, copy download link and paste it below.

Help Text

Please note that we offer guaranteed coverage to those who are able to provide consideration in the form of a non-returnable sample or competition prize. For applications where no product consideration is provided, a placement fee is applicable.

If for any reason you are having technical issues using this form then do feel free to send us an e-mail with the title "FAO: Editorial Team". That e-mail must answer every required field listed above with our headings and in the same order otherwise we will not be able to process your application.

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