Aqua-Firma Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safari

Wilderness adventure company, Aqua-Firma, specialise in exploring where the land meets the sea. Their Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safari provides a tailor-made opportunity to each traveller to incorporate all of the islands’s diversity with a combination of yacht based and activity focused exploration. With time split between the land and the sea, the accommodation is as varied as the wildlife. Nature highlights include Galapagos tortoises, penguins and blue-footed boobies – and all at close range. This safari offers the chance to split exploration between marine and land-based species. Prices are on a bespoke basis, based on the tour content and itinerary. Flights can be booked as part of the tour package, or independently by travellers.

The Galapagos is a diverse place with wonderful opportunities for close encounters with wildlife above and below the water. Added to this diversity is the variety of ways by which the islands and natural areas can be explored, which can often make it difficult to decide which way is right to discover the islands. The Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safari has the answer.

The yacht based sections are ideal for providing focused natural history experiences on islands where land based accommodation is simply unavailable. Land based accommodation is particularly useful on the Galapagos’s largest island of Isabela, where there are several days worth of activities worth pursuing and for which a beachside hotel is a more comfortable and spacious option than a yacht.

“The Aqua-Firma Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safari provides a unique chance to combine authentic land and sea exploration in an exciting new environment. A bespoke itinerary is tailored for each booking to ensure that explorers get the best from the destination according to their own interests. The Galapagos is a fascinating destination where you can get up close and personal with many native species”, says Aqua-Firma Director, Ralph Pannell.

How does this experience satisfy your Fundamental Human Needs?

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work helping clients reach their full potential to take their lives to the next level. Part of her coaching involves working on the Fundamental Human Needs which include Comfort, Variety and Connection. Here is how the Aqua-Firma Galapagos Yacht & Lodge Safari meets some of these needs.


Choose from a unique range of accommodation on land from tented safari camps in the highlands of Santa Cruz to beachside hotels on the main island Isabela. While at sea, enjoy the comfort and luxury of your yacht while exploring the uninhabited islands of the Galapagos by day.


The Galapagos tour offers a multitude of opportunities for encounters with diverse marine and highland wildlife. Spot giant tortoises, baby seals, and thorny catfish to flamingos, geckos, and the island’s native bird, the blue-footed booby. Experience the island’s adventure aspect with hiking and biking to kayaking and diving.


The Galapagos is an enchanting place ideal for a couple’s adventure and offers many opportunities for interaction and reflection with the surrounding scenery. Lose yourself in the awe-inspiring mountains, or while diving deep below the sea. Connect with fellow travellers while experiencing the raw beauty of some of South America’s most protected islands.

Personal Growth

Test your limits by snorkelling with hammerhead and white tipped sharks in the sea cove of Leon Dormido (‘The Sleeping Lion’), zip-lining through the jungle, or by trekking through winding trails of cooled and solidified lava. Whatever your skill level, the tour provides opportunities for everyone to grow and develop their skills and knowledge.


The Galapagos tour provides opportunities for all the members of your expedition to play a vital role in the conservation and awareness of native species through the custom design the itinerary. From exploring the islands of the far North East and North West, to diving and snorkelling off the coast of Isabela, visitors can give back to nature whilst enjoying its beauty.

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