AromaWorks Reed Diffuser & Room Mist

Award-winning British beauty brand AromaWorks has created a range of luxury aromatherapy home fragrance products with the added benefits of pure essential oils. AromaWorks Reed Diffusers and Room Mists are available in four signature blends; Serenity, Inspire, Nurture and Soulful. These elegant fragrances deliver a harmonious aromatherapy experience and are a great addition to the home. Each blend contains 100% pure essential oils.

Soulful Reed Diffuser

The powerful, long lasting Reed Diffusers (£35) are made in the UK, using the finest natural ingredients, 100% pure essential oils and botanical extracts. The reed diffuser delivers a fresh, natural scent that is free from harmful chemicals and entirely natural. Presented in a stylish frosted glass bottle with an elegant wooden collar and natural coloured reeds, the reed diffuser will effortlessly suit any interior from the traditional to the modern.

Soulful Reed Diffuser £35 www.aroma-works.comSoulful’s blend of seven essential oils will lift your mind and invigorate your senses giving you the mental energy you need to find release from nervous tension and fatigue. The deeply invigorating blend of Soulful combines the fruity top notes of Juniper Berry and Bergamot with warm, spicy base notes of Patchouli. This beautifully balanced blend finishes with a creamy caramel fragrance to give you a unique and wonderfully warm scent.

Nurture Room Mist

The Room Mists (RRP £20) are used to lift the scent in a room, provide a calming and relaxing environement in which to relax or sleep and refresh the home. The high levels of 100% pure essential oils ensure a truly therapeutic aromatherapy experience.

Nurture Room Mist £20 www.aroma-works.comNurture uses a unique blend of five essentials oils which work in perfect harmony to promote physical relaxation and mental calm. It will help release the stress of the day and bring inner calm. The Nurture blend is rich and fruity, combining the crisp aroma of May Chang, the sweet fresh scent of Roman Chamomile and the aromatic delicately woody fragrance of Sandalwood.

AromaWorks home fragrance products are available from select hotels and spas, online at and selected Holland & Barrett stores.

Soulful Reed Diffuser








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  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Powerful scent even in larger rooms
  • Elegant design
  • Highly recommend by SLOAN!
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