Is there finally an answer to that nagging symptom the doctor can’t cure?

One of the top ten concerns I get from clients is when they know something is wrong but they have no certainty about how to move forward from where they are as they have no official diagnosis. More than 70 percent of patients in any General Practice suffer from ailments where no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms. This is where alternative medicine and complementary therapies come into their own.

Can You Be Pointed Towards Health Concerns Without One Scary Test or Needle?

Yes, Bio-Resonance says you can! Time and time again my clients come and see me in my capacity as a Wellness Consultant because due to the high pressure of their careers and fast paced lifestyles they have one or two symptoms that just won’t go away. I can reduce stress, advise of action plans and nutritional aspects, recommend them for tests or to see the GP but invariably they have either gone down that path or do not want a barrage of tests, needles and/or to provide stool samples to be sent off in the post. So you can imagine my intrigue when I heard about a new therapeutic tool that allows you to avoid all of the time consuming tests and get straight to the answer of what is possibly holding you back in your health.

Time to check it out

My intrigue turned to excitement when I found out this new therapy was actually not new at all and has been around for 40 years. So I popped down the road to meet with Kara Mia Vernon, of who is also very conveniently based in Chelsea. I was looking forward to seeing if she could deliver something that could convince me (an ex-medic) that there was hope for my clients.

Kara Mia Vernon Asyra Digital Homeopathy Bio-Resonance
Kara Mia


Simply put it was painless and super easy. I met with Kara Mia after having answered some preliminary questions sent previously by e-mail. The room was inviting and warm, Kara Mia is extremely friendly and personable and I was immediately put at ease. I was asked to talk through an average day and it was only in doing so I realised how much I fit into 24 hours. Kara Mia and I laughed about this, as it was already coming out that I am kind to my clients but rather hard on myself with respect to expectations and standards. This interaction also highlighted to me that as she is a trained naturopath, homeopath and nutritionist, in addition to being highly intuitive, she asks just the right questions to get you thinking about your life before the fun even begins.

asyra batons Digital Homeopathy Bio-Resonance Kara Mia Vernon
I was then asked to pick up 2 baton-like structures. You do not feel anything. They are not heavy and can be used by everyone, including children and babies. Using the Asyra, the machine began to decide what was out of alignment energetically and even emotionally. The scan below is from the Asyra Pro website but shows you the level of detail that is given. You have a clear indication of symptoms that you can relate to and a description. You are scanned numerous times during your visit with each scan lasting approximately a couple of minutes if that. There are no scary results and Kara Mia provides you with a way forward so you are not left wondering what to do next. You are given a customised tablet to take morning and night that just dissolves under your tongue. You are also emailed within the next few days a very comprehensive report of how you can move your health forward in a way that is in your best interest and fits in with your daily life. The results can be quite life changing.

Asyra Scan Digital Homeopathy Bio-Resonance Kara Mia Vernon

It can also help decipher what you are allergic and intolerant to, what your body is drawn towards nutritionally, and what it would rather you stay away from and can also point you in the right direction of which exercises suit you best, how much, how long and at what intensity. You can choose to monitor different things in each session. Don’t attempt to change all your habits at once. Kara Mia is excellent at deciding with you what are the most important areas to look at.

The image below is my scan results looking at what exercises are best for me. This I did for interest and to demonstrate to you, my readers, the accuracy. With a tool this powerful, my suggestion is to ficus one’s attention on health and ailments before exercise! Interestingly though my testing of the machine with an exercise profile worked – I was a competitive ice skater in my youth. How the machine was able to pick that out of all sports is beyond me!

Asyra Scan Digital Homeopathy Bio-Resonance Kara Mia Vernon

I was particularly impressed with the level of detail Kara Mia was also able to provide me in relation to my intolerances with respect to food items. I know that I am sensitive to a few foods but to now have a comprehensive list of what to avoid and what to reduce was fantastic. Less than 30 foods in total made it far more achievable to alter my diet than had I gone forward with an elimination diet. The resulting feeling is that this is all very manageable. For those wondering what the colours mean, dont worry Kara Mia explains everything to you in a way that makes total sense.

So what I always ask myself when contemplating recommending something is… why? Why choose this method of testing? My answer are as follows…

1. Early Detection and Cost Effective

This method of testing helps to detect and identify energetic and regulatory disturbances. Disease does not begin with pathology, but with a pre-clinical phase. Functional disturbances occur when a living organism can no longer compensate adequately for changes in the environment. Functional medicine is intended to bridge the existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps. Economically, considerable time and substantial amounts of money could be saved simply by taking advantage of the benefits of this powerful technology in the emerging field of functional medicine.

2. Re-establish Balance

Re-establishing balance to the energetic pathways (that run through all organs, glands and tissues) may hold the key to restoring and maintaining optimum health. This approach is not looking for any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis are made. It is solution focused allowing your brain to work towards that which you wish to be (healthy, vibrant and full of energy) rather than labelling you with scary words and terms such as cancer or auto immune disorder.

3. Tens of Thousands of Checks with No Needles 

The Asyra contains tens of thousands of specific frequencies in it’s hard drive. These frequencies can be transmitted into you via the Asyra for the purpose of evaluation. The specific frequencies that your body finds of value can then be identified and can then be imprinted into a carrier solution as a custom remedy.

4. A Tablet Digitally Created with Bespoke Frequencies for You

When you place drops or tablets of the imprinted solution under your tongue, the specific frequencies enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and stimulate your cells to respond. In essence it is a software program for the innate intelligence or energetic being that stimulates it to direct the physical tissues to adhere to an optimum. It’s simple to take and programmed especially for you.

I know you now want to know what is this technique and how does it work behind the scenes. Well it is more than homeopathy but I’ll start at the beginning and remind you all what homeopathy is.

More Than Just Homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on “like cures like” or, something in chemical form will cause “x, y, z” symptoms while the energetic pattern will stimulate the body to correct or cure those same “x, y, z” symptoms. A common example is mercury; in the chemical form it has an affinity to lodge in the central and peripheral nerve tissues causing numerous symptoms, in the energetic form it stimulates the body to remove the mercury thus eliminating those same symptoms. Digital Homeopathy takes this to the next level.

If you want to book an appointment, I highly recommend Kara Mia at For those who wish to know a little bit more about it then check out the video below on the topic. Or if you want to know my opinion keep scrolling down for more from me on this highly fascinating area of complementary medicine.

How Do Drugs Work?

When I was in medical school we were taught drugs work in many ways but the one that sticks in my conscious is the drugs that work to inhibit parts of your body from carrying out their natural functions. Enzyme activity is often described in the same way as a lock and key. Enzymes bind to a receptor which opens a lock, triggers a change and hey presto you have a biological reaction. Some drugs are designed to change this process and inhibit enzyme activity. Other drugs work by binding to the target receptor site so they can either block the physiological function of the protein, or mimic its effect. Either way these drugs are working against the body’s natural wish. This is oversimplified but what never really made sense was if the body was devised of all these receptors, one for paracetamol, one for ibuprofen, one for penicillin and so on why do we get so many side effects and why is the body not more choosy as to what it lets bind to it. We are after all highly developed beings.

Oxford University is a fine establishment, but as a 17 year old overeager medic asking these questions I was very quickly silenced and taught to learn the subject parrot fashion and not to think too much! This only inspired me to think more and is probably the reason I am where I am today. Increasingly my clients want to take herbal remedies, supplements and get back to basics of fuelling their body with superfoods and foods of high nutritional value. I am always keen to find alternative ways to help someone get from where they are to where they want to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti taking the correct prescribed medicine for an ailment but I do wonder if there is a mechanism as simple as molecule binds to a receptor and a door opens then why is it not as simple to produce a drug that works without side effects by working with the body not against it.

Does Digital Homeopathy Have The Answer?

Digital Homoeopathy answers that question for me. In the vibrational paradigm, the paradigm of Imprinting or Homeopathy, the molecules that you are given as well as the molecules produced in your body (the molecules that govern your physiology) work not by binding to a specific anatomic receptor on the wall of a cell, but by emitting an electromagnetic signal or signature, vibrating at a specific frequency, termed “resonance frequency”. These frequencies are sensed by the cells of your body and that is what it responds to. This suggests that perhaps drugs work not by binding to the cell, but by getting close enough to the cell so that their resonance frequencies can be picked up and responded to. It is this concept that Asyra practitioners use in their prescribed course of treatment and it is on this basis that Kara Mia gave me my very own formula which I am taking morning and night in one tiny tablet that dissolves under my tongue, a selection of supplements and of course my new dietary regime of limiting those pesky foods that flare up my system. I look forward to seeing improvement by my next appointment.

About Kara Mia

kmv-2015-blackwhite1Kara Mia is a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Homeopath and a dynamic and inspirational educator in the field of colon health. She understands the fundamental importance of gut health in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers a unique treatment based on her extensive experience and training, combined with an intuitive sense of the needs of her clients.

Kara Mia is passionate about helping individuals find their true vitality. During any treatment, she discusses various aspects of diet and nutrition, detox and any other aspect of health and healing. Her treatment is an educational experience as she talks each client through the importance of colonic irrigation and various aspects of healthy living.

Kara Mia says, “Over the past 8 years I have performed thousands of colonics, and no two are every exactly alike. Each client is unique in what they bring to the treatment that day and how their body responds. As a Naturopath, I am passionate about helping others find their true vitality.”

“People ask me why colonic irrigation is important, and I bring to their attention that the human body has not changed for well over 100,000 years. Essentially we were never designed to eat three meals a day and the quality of the fibre in today’s food is woefully lacking. Whilst I do not believe that we can hold on to years worth of material, consequently our digestive systems are over-loaded and therefore put under additional stress. I believe that removing excess material and negative bacteria has a positive effect on many organ systems including the liver, immune, skin and brain function. I am happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the treatment.”

Herbal infusions and coffee enemas are provided at no extra cost where applicable.

More information about Kara Mia can be found on her website at

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