Auritech packshots_sleep_front_HREvery parent knows just how great it feels to get good night’s sleep with new-born in the house. Sometimes achieving peace and quiet can be difficult, not just because of the baby but because of background noises such as snoring or traffic, which affects the quality and restfulness of sleep. Auritech, a range of hearing protectors that soften background noise and snoring yet allow the user to hear noises such as a baby crying or an alarm, offers a solution to all new parents’ sleep woes.

Auritech™ specialises in Patented Ceramic Filtration Technology and has developed the most advanced universal-fit hearing defence range with versions especially for sleep.

There is also a custom fit option, with a choice of filters. Auritech™ Hearing Protectors have a range of unique benefits:

  • Precision noise filtration: hear what you want, not what you don’t
  • No muffling effect: no “blocked ear” feeling with Auritech products
  • Comfortable & re-usable. Guaranteed fit & comfort for 2 years

Auritech Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading European audiologists and hearing technicians with over 20 years rigorous production quality standards.

Each of the universal fit protectors has an RRP of £19.95, while the custom fit option is £119.00 and all are available from

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