Aussie Winter Miracle

Christmas and New Year parties.  Long winter walks.  Ice skating in the city. There’s enough in winter to keep even an Aussie girl occupied.  But why should Aussie girls hide their tresses under a hat because the temperature has dropped?  Upbeat, offbeat hair care brand Aussie, has launched a limited edition collection to give sub-zero temperatures and frizzy fly-aways the cold shoulder this winter with the deep miraculous conditioning of Aussie Winter Miracle.

When the chill of winter comes knocking on a frosty winter morning, indoor heating can soon vanquish those fresh, glossy locks.  After time, dryness and dullness can make hair less of a winter wonderland and more of a winter full of woes – but thanks to Aussie, this is an issue of Christmas past.

The collection harnesses gloss-boosting properties of Miracle Shine to ramp up moisture and whip chill-ravaged tresses into lustrous, virtually frizz-free shape. Its rich blend, with Australian Ginseng and a dusting of Pearl Powder (made from shiny pearls), cares for dehydrated hair by pumping in cuticle-smoothing nourishment, and gives locks their sparkle back, ensuring strands that shimmer’ – like freshly-fallen snow!

Plus, for this winter only, Aussie is on a mission to make winter even more aussome-er. Aussie is asking all Aussome girls to share their Aussome winter moments across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (with #Aussome) so they can upgrade them and make them even Aussome-er! #Aussome moments, made Aussome-r!

There are 4 products in the collection. Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner are the perfect everyday duo for winter-proof care and sensational shine. Aussie Three Minute Miracle Winter Deep Treatment is like a soothing hug and hot chocolate for hair, this is 3 minutes of deep-conditioning indulgence leaving hair feeling soft and sumptuous. Winter Miracle Dry Shampoo bridges the gap between washes, blasting oil from your roots for instant freshness. The Aussie Winter Miracle collection is available nationwide at Boots from October 2015.

Here are some top tips from Aussie Brand Ambassador, celebrity hairdresser Ben Cooke who co-owns Chelsea hair salon Lockenego which SLOAN! reviewed earlier this year.

Ben Head Shot1. Keep It moisturised

Adapt your hair care routine to the season. Hair in winter may feel and even look dry, due to the lack of moisture in the air during the colder months (except for when it’s pouring with rain of course!). The easiest step to ensure that your hair remains silky and hydrated is to use a deep treatment conditioner once a week when doing a regular wash and ensure that you work the conditioner into your scalp as well as the ends. Aussie’s limited edition 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy Deep Treatment conditioner is perfect as it is formulated specifically for dry winter hair. It will replenish moisture that has been lost, help maintain the moisture levels in your hair and leave it looking shinier and less frizzy.

Winter_Miracle_250ml_3MM2. It’s ok to get your hair dirty!

Washing your hair too much can strip it of healthy oils and leave it drier than before, meaning more static, flyaways, and breakage – plus more exposure to heat styling. By washing your hair less often in winter, (aim for three to four times a week max), you are giving your hair a break. If you need to, use dry shampoo in between washes such as Aussie Winter Miracle Dry Shampoo to absorb any surface oil.

Winter_Miracle_300ml_Shampoo3. Too cold to go beanie free?

Hair is better off beanie-free when possible! But when the biting winds are too much to handle, how can you stop the dreaded static and flat hat hair?! To combat flat hair, use a volumising spray before braving the cold. Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume can be used as a texturizing/volumising spray at the roots. When the hat comes off, static can be calmed and tamed with a small slick of oil rubbed into palms and smoothed onto the flyaways, try Aussie three miracle recontructor oil.

Winter_Miracle_250ml_ConditionerAussie’s limited edition 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy Deep Treatment conditioner 250ml RRP £4.99

Aussie Winter Miracle Dry Shampoo 180ml RRP £4.71 (exclusive to Boots)

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume 180ml £4.71

Aussie three miracle recontructor oil £9.99

Aussie Winter Miracle


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