B.Fresh Cold Press Juices

greenwarrior side 1B.Fresh is a delicious new range of vegetable and fruit juices bursting with goodness and maximum nutrition. Each 250ml bottle in eight different flavour combinations including cucumber, beetroot, kale, ginger, lime and carrot contains the essential minerals and nutrients, with no added sugar, to nourish you throughout the day.

Wherever possible the fresh produce is grown on its farm in Shropshire or sourced from British farms and delivered straight into B.Fresh’s own Shropshire ‘juicery’, as the only British grower with a cold pressed High Pressure Process (HPP) juice capability. On arrival the vegetables and fruit are washed with natural spring water from the farm and then pressed to give a fabulous smooth and pulp-free drink.

theorangeone side 1Many commercial fresh juices are either made from concentrate or are heat processed to preserve the juice, which significantly reduces all the healthy nutrients. Not so with B.Fresh! To ensure B.Fresh juice has a good shelf life, without resorting to pasteurisation, the cold pressed, bottled juices are put in a special chamber, flooded with cold water and subjected to 3 minutes high pressure – equivalent to 5 times the pressure of the deepest ocean.

All of which means B.Fresh deliver the closest thing to a raw juice and are as fresh and natural as if you had done the juicing yourself. The pure juices positively brim with higher levels of nutrients and vitamins than pasteurised juices and have a vibrant, fresh flavour, free from added sugar.

With an RRP of £15.00 for six bottles, B.Fresh juices are currently available online from www.b-fresh.co.uk and shortly will be in the supermarkets.

B.Fresh Range:

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#leanandgreen – 30% celery 30% cucumber 15% romaine 15% spinach 5% kale 2.5% ginger 2.5% lemon

#hydrationgreen – 30% cucumber 30% apple 20%iceburg 18.5%romaine 1.5% lime

#greenwarrior – 35% apple 27% cucumber 25.5 spinach 10% kale 1.5% lime 1% ginger

#rockthebeats– 50% beetroot 28% apple 20% spinach 2% lemon

#carrotkick– 65% carrot 20% apple 15% orange

#easybeet – 39%apple 35% carrot 25% beetroot 1% lemon

#theorangeone– 70% orange 30% carrot

#sweetgreens– 75% apple 15% spinach 8% kale 2% lemon

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