babylon tackles mental health ‘iceberg’

babylon, the UK’s most popular digital healthcare service, has launched ‘babylon Therapy’ a digital therapy service, available to all at affordable prices.

The service, which gives people access to phone or video consultations with leading therapists within days, is set to transform access to therapists by providing consultations on demand at a time and place that suits patients. Currently those seeking counselling with the NHS face long waiting times, with 1 in 10 waiting more than a year to be seen and many not seeking help at all due to the feared stigma surrounding mental illness.

IcebergIt is estimated that 16m people in the UK experience mental health problems each year but only 2m receive therapy. babylon Therapy tackles mental health ‘iceberg’ by putting affordable therapy into the hands of every person in Britain. Users will have access to therapists at the touch of a button from their phone to make treatment more accessible.

babylon Therapy sessions last 50 minutes, cost £49 and are available to users over 16. Records from the consultations are stored securely which users can then access at any time. Delivering therapy on a digital platform enables the service to be affordable and more approachable for patients, who will be able to talk to therapists wherever they feel most comfortable or have the most privacy, whether it’s at home, at the office, or even from abroad.

Patients can access the service in a few quick steps:

  • Download the babylon app or visit
  • Select ‘Book a consultation’ and then ‘Therapy’
  • Choose a day and time for the consultation
  • Select a phone or video call
  • Book the consultation

Dr. Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO of babylon says: “Mental health issues are a modern day epidemic causing untold suffering for so many and our society’s entire approach to it needs a fundamental overhaul. From the cultural stigma to the operational management of the delivery of treatment, everything needs a rethink. Many organisations and individuals within the public, voluntary and private sector are now working hard to tackle various aspects of the problem, but a lot more is needed. babylon is taking a big step today to provide a modern solution to this modern epidemic and we would love to work with others and the NHS to expand the service to all that need it.

The mental health crisis we are witnessing is not an unsolvable problem and in our country, with one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world, we have both the resource and knowhow to tackle the misery that so many of our people are facing.”


babylon’s existing service covers 250,000 patients and lets users act upon health concerns quickly by accessing medical professionals within minutes through video consultations, phone calls or text messages. Users can also get to know their bodies better with a world class monitoring system which keeps track of everything from key organ functions to cholesterol levels. The information is then analysed by babylon doctors who can suggest preventative measures patients can adopt to plan ahead and help safeguard their health. Mental health is currently one of the top five most common medical queries babylon doctors receive.

Rebecca Minton, Therapy Service Lead at babylon says: “Giving people access to digital therapy will address several of the key barriers many face when trying to access treatment. Certain patients will be more suited to a phone consultation from home where they can experience a degree of anonymity. It also gives people the ability to schedule appointments during their free time, including lunch breaks to avoid taking time off work to travel to clinics.”

“Overall we see this digital mental health offering opening up therapy services to a much broader group of people.”

babylon is available now at and free to download from the App Store and Google Play. For £4.99 (€7.99 ROI) per month, users can access the below features:

  • Unlimited video or phone consultations with top doctors in minutes
  • The ‘Ask’ service where users can text in health-related questions
  • Specialist consultations
  • Therapy consultations
  • Medical monitoring
  • Tests and kit orders
  • Clinical records
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