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beauty’in is at the forefront of a new scientifically proven category of beauty and health products, based on ‘Alimetics’, fusing the best of three worlds – food, vitamins and cosmetics. The formulation combines vitamins, minerals, organic fruit extracts and digestible collagen – the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin – all products are scientifically proven to enhance the appearance of your skin.

beauty’in claims that their  product range “boosts health and well-being based on the concept that you are what you eat and drink, and that true beauty comes from within”. The founder is Brazilian entrepreneur Cristiana Arcangeli and with Brazil as the third largest cosmetics market this has allowed Brazil to invest in the health and wellness industry and be at the rise of this new trend.

beauty’in is Brazil’s best selling beauty drink and has now reached the UK’s beverage market. The bottle has a unique award winning BLASTCAP TECHNOLOGY keeps the active ingredients separate from the water until you are ready to drink – you twist and push down the cap to release the vitamins and minerals.

beauty’in state that BeautyDrink “comes in eight flavours and formulations all enriched with hydrolysed collagen, the protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Four are designed to make you beautiful from the inside out; including anti-ageing infusion with hibiscus, grape and acai; and a drink to help strengthen hair and nails containing lychee and white tea. A further four target well-being, including a detox blend with cucumber, lemon and aloe vera and a recipe formulated to boost your focus with tangerine,
guarana, orange and acerola (a delicious cherry-like berry found all over Brazil, which is very high in Vitamin C). As well as being packed with vitamins and hydrolyzed collagen, BeautyDrink contain zero sugars, zero trans fats, are free from preservatives and contain just 12 calories or fewer per bottle.”

The claims sound impressive and beauty’in does look like its trying to cover the whole ‘Ailmetic’ market with a range of products from BeautyDrink to BeautyCandy. Although the flavour of the BeautyDrink we tried was delicious, our reviewer found the addition of the active ingredients was a very unpleasant mouth-feel and the water tasted like it had bits in it rather than all the ingredients dissolving properly. This was disappointing after reading all the hype and reinforced the feeling that beauty’in and the Ailmetics movement is a bit gimmicky.

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