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Sunless tanning has taken an intelligent twist this summer with the introduction of the NEW Peptide Tanning range by BeautyLab ®London. This is the ONLY tan to enhance your sunless AND natural tanning processes simultaneously.

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Already a firm favourite on many red carpet events and the chosen tanning brand of the final series of Dancing On Ice, this sophisticated next generation sunless tanning line-up is currently the only range in the market to both develop a long-lasting, natural looking sunless tan AND act as a pre-tan accelerator to enhance your skin’s natural tanning ability before you go out in the sun.

This exciting line-up is formulated with a revolutionary tan inducing peptide Lactobacillus Ferment that works with two different types of melanin in the dermis to create a deep, yet natural and streak-free tan. Specifically, the Lactobacillus Ferment peptide simultaneously prevents the production of Pheomelanin (the melanin that gives skin a yellow/reddish tone), increases the production of Eumelanin (the melanin that gives skin a black/brown tone) and stimulates higher concentrations of visible melanin. This results in a sunless tan that is deep, natural-looking and completely unique to the individual using it AND helps to create a deeper, longer-lasting natural tan when you’ve been out in the sun.

Perfect for all skin types, including fair skins that burn easily or suffer from prickly heat, this intelligent tan can be applied up to ten days before tanning (always remember to use a high factor sunscreen when tanning in the sun).

The range contains six self tanning and skin prepping products that includes a unique DHA Free Peptide Tanning Lotion. This skin-friendly fake tan offers the same fantastic results as the original skin tanning lotion, but has been developed specifically for those allergic to DHA (Dihydroxyacetone).
Each product in the range is blended with specially chosen plant extracts to hydrate and firm, and are delicately scented to provide a fresh ‘holiday inspired’ aroma to the skin.

The BeautyLab® London sunless tanning range is available from stockists nationwide and

PRE-TAN SKIN POLISH (£18.00, 200ml) A must have for preparing the skin for the perfect holiday tan! This fresh and invigorating pre-tan skin polish will effectively remove dead cells and help induce new skin formation. Use before starting the peptide tanning regime to create a smooth and healthy base for your tan, and in between tanning to maintain a beautifully even finish. This super scrub can also be used as a general exfoliator to create healthy, glowing skin.

PEPTIDE SKIN TANNING LOTION (£20.00, 200ml) This deeply hydrating untinted tanning lotion is formulated with a revolutionary tan inducing peptide Lactobacillus Ferment that activates the melanin receptors in the dermis to inhibit the formation of Pheomelanin and enhance the production of Eumelanin to create a totally natural golden sun-kissed streak-free tan. Perfect for all skin types, this fabulous new generation tan is blended with stimulating rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and anti-irritant passion flower . It is delicately scented with a hint of guava and melon to provide a fresh ‘holiday inspired’ aroma to the skin.

DHA-FREE PEPTIDE TANNING LOTION (£35.00, 200ml) This skin friendly fake tan offers the same fantastic results as the original skin tanning lotion, but has been developed specifically for those allergic to DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Rich in organic extracts, peptides and skin firming & anti-ageing actives this gentle formulation can be used by tan seekers who prefer a gentle tan build up with minimised skin dryness and harshness. This gentle formula will aid the skin to develop a deep, yet natural looking tan whilst hydrating and firming it.

INSTANT COLOUR RAPID TAN (£22.00, 200ml) has all the features of the original skin tanning lotion encapsulated in this formulation, with the added benefit of an instant dark colour tint. The instant colour guide provides ease of application and provides immediate colour, so you look like you’ve just stepped off of the beach.

INSTANT COLOUR FACE SELFTAN MOUSSE (£18.00, 150ml) is perfect for self tan novices. This fabulous self-tan mousse offers instant colour and glides on to give a streak-free, instant looking tan without the sun. Developed using a blend of peptides, natural ingredients and anti-oxidants it is suitable for face application and dries quickly with a light fresh citrus aroma.

HYDRATING TAN EXTENDER (£18.00, 200ml) is perfect for prolonging a gorgeous natural tan long after your return home, or for enhancing your peptide tan without deepening it. This light and hydrating lotion contains gentle tanning and skin brightening properties. It is so easy to apply and contains a modest amount of tanning agent to create a naturally healthy glow. A must have for the bathroom shelf!

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