Big Easy – Covent Garden

It was nice to go to Big Easy in Covent Garden, to see the difference between the Chelsea Kings Road branch and the Covent Garden branch. Interestingly there is also a Big Easy opening in Canary Wharf so we are eagerly anticipating its arrival. In Covent Garden you get an extra hour to get your fabulous £10 lunch deal, it is such good value and hugely generous portions I am surprised they are not losing money. You can choose between a main course and a starter or a main and dessert which includes yummy chocolate Red Velvet all for the bargain price of £10. It takes theatre timings into consideration and also reappears at 10pm for late night diners.

The other difference which is really important to note is that at Big Easy Covent Garden you have the real pit cooked fresh BBQ. The way they treat their meat here is totally different and has to be tried to be believed. Food choice from the specials board and the menu is extensive with so much to choose from, no one is left wanting.

The great thing about Big Easy is the portions are so generous, however if you want to indulge you can have a BBQ Blow Out (served family style) the Mumbo Jumbo Combo for two or more to share which we partook in and you can see the photo below, or the Grand Appetizer Platter for two which includes Voodoo Chicken Wings, Pit Smoked BBQ Wings, Hush Puppies, Calamari and Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp, a total (as we always quote about the Big Easy) haven of yumminess.


Just like Big Easy Chelsea, the Covent Garden branch does daily special deals. Shrimp Tuesdays is just one of many fabulous mouthwatering options available. Every day they have the Lobster Fest but they also have “The Big Pig Gig” on a Monday, a Limitless Hog Roast with a beer on Wednesday, we were sad to see there were no fajitas in the house but quite frankly the menu is to die for and we can live without fajitas when the menu is this good with such variety. Thursdays deal sees the classic combination of Steak and Lobster on offer and on Tuesday you can grab all-you-can-eat South Carolina Shrimp Boil or limitless Deep Fired Jumbo Shrimp. We really liked the idea of the Shrimp Boil which is a generic term for any number of types of social gathering in which shellfish is a central element which certainly is our type of gathering!

Big Easy Covent Garden - menu

Another difference immediately evident between the Chelsea branch and the Covent Garden one is the fabulous drinks menu. Here rather than just a normal Margarita you also have the choice of a Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Mojito and the classic Mai Tai which are all slushy drinks and are served either on their own or in the lunch or pre-theatre late night menu which is served from noon to 6PM or 10PM to close every Monday to Friday. We were fortunate enough to give the slushy cocktails a taste test before deciding on which one to have served with our meal. We enjoyed the Pina Colada, you could taste the coconut, however we thought it was trumped by the Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri with the Mai Tai coming top of our list. All the slushy cocktails are delightful and refreshing just don’t drink them too fast as you may get a little bit of brain freeze.

Big Easy Covent Garden - tasters

Having taste tested the new Slushy flavours we decided to go with the Mai Tai. Our table tried a variety of different dishes from the menu, starting with the Mumbo Jumbo Combo.

Big Easy Covent Garden - seafood plate

This dish is testament to Big Easy being a true ‘Haven of yumminess’

Big Easy Covent Garden - seafood look

Let’s have a closer look at this delicious seafood platter

Big Easy Covent Garden - lobster close up

So colourful and succulent…

Big Easy Covent Garden - prawn close up

We highly recommend this starter…

Big Easy Covent Garden - seafood plate overview

We also tried the Voodoo Chicken Wings which is served with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce, but we had extra Voodoo Dipping Sauce on the side.

Big Easy Covent Garden - hot wings

You can really taste the hot kick of the chilli sauce…

Big Easy Covent Garden - hot wings close up

There was also a portion of Crispy Calamari complete with Big Easy obligatory bib!

Big Easy Covent Garden - calamari

There is a really good choice available and other dishes included the Bar.B.Q Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Smoked House Burger and even a Black Bean Burger veggie option all of which come served with fries.

Big Easy Covent Garden - starters overview

For our main courses we chose the Basket of Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp and the Lobster Roll and Fries but with so much choice there really is something for everyone.

Big Easy Covent Garden - lobster roll

One thing to note about Big Easy is they only serve their burgers medium to well done so if this is a problem for you just turn your head to the fabulous Pit Cooked Fresh Bar.B.Q where you can have your meat absolutely tender if that’s what you desire. It’s also good to note they also have a beautiful lobster bake, Whole Atlantic Crab steamed with Drawn Butter or if you want to go classic you can have a steak with a choice of all the common cuts from Ribeye, Sirloin and Fillet to a 35oz T-Bone steak which you can make Surf and Turf by adding half a lobster or peel and eat Giant Shrimp, the choice is truly endless and truly scrumptious.

Big Easy Covent Garden - deep fried jumbo prawns

The things that stuck out for us are the dry rubbed St Louis Pork Ribs, the Carolina Pulled Pork, the Pit-Smoked BBQ Chicken and the Texas Sliced Slow-Smoked Brisket. If you can’t decide between all of them you can get the Taste-O-Rama and try all of them in one go. You will still see classics here such as the Lobster Fest though you may wish to choose lobster cooked in one of a variety of ways from the popular Whole Lobster Roll to the new addition to the menu, the Whole Lobster Mac ‘N’ Cheese which we really liked the look of as it sounds delightfully comforting. All of these are served with fries, the house salad and a free slushie cocktail, or an ice cold craft lager or ale.

Whether you go with friends, take a date or dine with your family, whatever the occasion Big Easy is the perfect place for food lovers to indulge their passion for food with generous portions of delicious succulent meat or juicy fresh seafood. The Covent Garden branch is definitely worth a visit even if you have to navigate through the crowds of tourists in the Piazza.

Big Easy Bar.B.Q and Lobstershack
12 Maiden Lane
0203 728 4888

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