Bio-Synergy Skinny Water

What is Bio-Synergy Skinny Water®

Bio-Synergy Skinny Water® fits perfectly into a hectic lifestyle and can contribute to providing you with the recommended daily amount of water, whilst also assisting to curb cravings and burn calories. Each bottle is lovingly produced at Bio-Synergy’s UK factory from spring water and contains less than 2k/cal. Each serving contains chromium which according the Food Standards Agency plays a role in reducing sugar cravings and may play a role in tackling type 2 diabetes. Each serving contains l-carnitine (an amino acid) which has been the subject of numerous studies regarding fat metabolism. Each delicious drink is a perfect compliment to any meal as well as before, during and after a workout.

Skinny-Water-12-Pack-Pomegrante_r3yt-bqWho is Bio-Synergy Skinny Water® for?

Bio-Synergy Skinny Water® is ideal for anyone who wants a healthy, low calorie, sugar free alternative to unhealthy drinks. Whether you are trying to hydrate yourself after the gym or just provide yourself with a tasty, refreshing beverage, look no further than Bio-Synergy Skinny Water®.

How to use Bio-Synergy Skinny Water®

Simply unscrew the lid and enjoy the delicious, refreshing taste of Skinny Water®.

Bio-Synergy Skinny Water Pomegranate cost £17.88 for 12 x 500ml and is available from

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  • Fortified with L-Carnitine & Chromium
  • Easy to add to any hectic lifestyle
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