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Men have been removing their facial hair for thousands of years, and they have been using various means to do so. The situation that men face today is that they are busier than they’ve ever been and are constantly seeking new ways to master their daily routines with agility and speed, leaving them time to get on with what they enjoy in life. Braun, as the maker of the world’s best-selling foil shaver, the Braun Series 3, continues to innovate and to improve the NEW Series 3 shaver generation with a newly designed and innovative feature that makes the task of shaving faster than ever yet with the same close, comfortable shave.

AID-A03-0023709_Series_3_3080s_blue_Product_image_01_NAInnovative MicroComb Technology

The NEW Series 3 features the newly-designed and innovative MicroComb Technology, a comb-like structure that guides the beard hairs into the cutting element of the trimmer. By cutting short and long hairs simultaneously with every stroke, overall shave time is reduced and skin is less irritated as a result. In addition, the newly-designed and innovative MicroComb Technology helps skin to stretch, preventing it from catching in the small gap between the foil and trimmer.

MicroAdaptation Technology

The human face can be compared to a landscape full of curves and contours. Keeping close contact with the skin at any time during the shave is thus a challenge for any shaving system. The NEW Series 3 uses MicroAdaptation technology to ensure the closest possible skin contact. The three cutting elements move independently to adapt to facial contours and stay close to the skin.

SensoFoil™ Technology

The two short-hair cutting systems on either side of the middle trimmer have been developed with Braun’s own SensoFoil™ Technology to work harmoniously alongside the MicroComb. The Braun SensoFoil™ recognizes the importance of the perfect hole-size for the perfect cutting of hairs that grow in different directions. The SensoFoilTM improves a three-day beard shave, as its optimized design allows more hair to feed into the foil, encouraging closeness and efficiency without irritating or cutting skin.


The NEW Series 3 shaver stands for high-quality, innovative and reliable design. Staying true to the iconic Braun ‘strength of pure’ design philosophy, the NEW Series 3 range combines fluid and functional design with high-quality and superior performance. The range easily fits into the dynamic and creative man’s fast paced life with eye catching colours, a new slimline look and ergonomic technology for a strong grip.

Series 3-3040 Wet & Dry – £99.99
Series 3-3080 – £139.99
Available from Boots, Amazon, and other good electrical retailers

Braun Series 3 Shaver








The SLOAN! Factor


  • Reduces shave time
  • Skin is less irritated with no nicks or cuts
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