Philippe Brown: World’s Most Romantic Destinations

Philippe Brown of London-based luxury travel company Brown + Hudson discusses the most romantic places to visit around the world:

“Even the most unusual of places can become romantic with the right knowledge and insight about the couple. Once we know our clients we will create a unique unforgettable romantic escape designed specifically for them.”

Patagonia / Argentina

“There is something quite special about exploring the wild, untamed outdoors together. Wandering through spectacular landscapes with nobody for miles around, admiring majestic condors and herds of vicuña. Then retreating to your own cosy cabin and sharing a bottle of Malbec or Carmenere beside a roaring, open fire. It isn’t the easiest place to get to, but the journey becomes an enduring memory that makes it all the more adventurous and romantic.”

The American West

“Hit the road with the one you love in a Mustang convertible with nothing but a map and a sense of adventure. Perhaps enjoy a movie at pop-up drive-in cinema with a Michelin star chef preparing the food. Then the National Parks of Utah and the South West are simply stunning – Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley are classic American landmarks, but for good reason. Again it is the sense of untamed wilderness that creates the romantic atmosphere.”

The Maya Route/Guatemala

“The jungles, temples, volcanoes and pristine colonial towns of Guatemala are the setting for a unique and romantic adventure. Begin the journey in the untouched city of Antigua, arguably home to the most beautiful colonial architecture in the Americas, framed by imperious volcanic peaks. Hop between the boutiques and cafes before heading for the stunning Lake Atitlan to explore a rich cultural heritage. Then jet across to Flores, take up residence in a remote, luxurious jungle lodge and launch your exploration of the impressive nearby Tikal. Round off your journey with a blessing by a Mayan priest.”


“Although in some ways it can be seen as clichéd, you cannot talk about romantic destinations without mentioning Italy. Italian is widely regarded as the language of love and art, while splendor abounds all over the country. From the beautiful history around every corner in Rome, the Renaissance art of Florence, the sun kissed-rolling hills of Tuscany, the stunning palazzos of the Veneto, to your own private stone dwelling for two in Matera, Italy just oozes romance. It encourages a different pace of life, quality time, patience, passion and a sense of old world grandeur – all facets of the best aspects of romance.”

The Arctic Circle

“Encompassing the north of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, this wintry paradise evokes the spirit of solitude, perfect to imagine just you and your beau against the elements. After a day of husky sledding, skiing or glacier climbing, the prospect of retiring to roaring fires and log cabins makes this a destination perfect for snuggling up together against the arctic chill. Plus the chances of viewing the northern lights are highest this far north, especially romantic if viewed from your own private, glass domed yurt, nestled in amongst fur throws.”


“The spa at Amankora in Paro or the Uma Punakha is the ideal destination for a couple looking to rejuvenate their body and soul in a stunningly remote setting. Staying here you are almost transported to a bygone era when life was simple, and time was not a luxury. Suites feature wood-panelled interiors with a king-size bed, a traditional bukhari (wood-burning stove) and a large terrazzo-clad bath, all perfect ingredients for a romantic haven.

“Here the couple can enjoy soothing Abhyanga therapy or an ayurvedic massage that uses herbal oils to stimulate the circulation of good energy. Together they can feel more connected to each other and this magical mountain kingdom.”

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 Travel - Philippe Brown
Travel – Philippe Brown

Compulsive traveller Philippe Brown founded London-based luxury travel company Brown + Hudson in 2009 prompted by well-travelled friends who demanded more than existing luxury travel companies offered.

His company has an unusual and creative trip planning process: like therapists they interview clients, digging into their motivations and considering the outcomes they seek. Offering exceptional access and rare cultural insights, they work to create exquisitely crafted richer travel stories.

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