Recent statistics released by the British Heart Foundation have revealed that cardiovascular disease is now the biggest killer in the UK, with more than one in seven men and one in ten women dying from coronary heart disease every year, which in many cases is preventable.

CardioMato®, a new optimised tomato-nutrient complex, is the latest revolution in heart health supplements, which is scientifically proven to support cardiovascular health and contribute to normal heart function, with measurable results in just six weeks. Using a unique and synergistic 1:1 ratio of phytosterols and lycopene, blended with thiamine (vitamin B1), this once a day supplement uses all natural nutrients derived from tomato extracts for optimal heart protection and enhanced bioavailability.

20150608 new cardiomato box11 (2)UPDATEDSupported by pharma-grade research and clinical trials, CardioMato is proven to reduce bad, oxidized LDL cholesterol, lower systolic blood pressure, and preserve the endothelium, which lines artery walls and supports the proper functioning of blood vessels. In addition, it is able to reduce oxidative stress by providing powerful antioxidant support, as well as inhibiting inflammatory response in the cardiovascular system, which is associated with cardiac dysfunction.

CardioMato has a unique composition of ingredients, which have been created using cutting edge technology, patented as Lycored Nutrient Complex for the heart, ensuring the highest quality and purest ingredients, from the seed to the final extract. The synergistic composition of the Lycored Nutrient Complex includes lycopene, phytosterol, phytoene & phytofluene, tocpherols (vitamin E) and beta-carotene, which have been standardized to optimum quantity, with the final composition tested for effectiveness using pharma-grade human trials.

With heart disease affecting millions of people each year, leading nutritionist and author Sarah Flower is encouraging individuals to take care of their hearts and recommending supplementation as an effective method to overcome cardiovascular diseases naturally and effectively. Sarah says, “Recent statistics show that someone has a heart attack in the UK every three minutes. With over 2.3 million affected by heart disease in the UK, it is exciting to discover products such as CardioMato. The quality and quantity of nutrients it delivers is impossible to get through diet alone, and just one capsule of CardioMato daily can really make a difference improving overall heart health and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in a matter of weeks.”

Clinical Research

Supported by over 15 clinical studies, not only on individual ingredients but also the final composition, CardioMato’s blend of tomato-derived carotenoids and phytosterols has been proven to benefit cardiovascular health and contribute to normal heart function.


Studies show a statistically significant reduction of systolic blood pressure in all tested subject populations within just six weeks of supplementation.

A new double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled, dose response study of 46 mixed population subjects, showed a significant reduction of systolic blood pressure in pre-hypertensive subjects. The 15 mg standardized lycopene showed optimal effect. A lower dose of lycopene extract, or synthetic lycopene were not effective.


CardioMato promotes healthy endothelial function, thus protecting the arteries and blood vessels from damage
CardioMato Inhibits anti-inflammatory response
CardioMato reduces oxidative stress measures to protect against a range of heart conditions

The results of this placebo-controlled randomised study on 126 male subjects shows that CardioMato promotes the health and function of endothelial cells CardioMato inhibits anti-inflammatory response


Consumption of a high fat meal causes a stress reaction, which is suggested to be a major contributor to the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, and also through increased oxidation of the bad LDL cholesterol.

The daily consumption of high fat meals can prolong this reaction and cause high cholesterol (oxidised LDL).

In a recent double-blinded, randomised placebo controlled clinical trial, 150 healthy men and women were supplemented for two weeks with CardioMato or a placebo. Volunteers who consumed CardioMato had significantly reduced cholesterol levels in comparison to the placebo group, providing evidence that CardioMato is successful in lowering oxidised LDL cholesterol levels.

Take positive steps towards a healthier heart with CardioMato, the revolutionary supplement which can truly transform your health and wellbeing.

CardioMato retails from £18 and is available in selected Boots stores nationwide and









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  • Supported by clinical research
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