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Bad breath can be the result of many different lifestyle factors such as stress, dieting, exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption. It is a common problem and can be awkward at work and in social situations such as meeting new people.

In almost 90% of cases, bad breath originates in the mouth (rather than the stomach). It is caused by naturally occurring bacteria around the teeth and in the gum pockets, as well as in crypts on the back of the tongue. These bacteria break down food particles which releases malodorous volatile sulphur compounds (VSC). When these compounds are breathed out this causes bad breath. CB12 combats these gases to neutralise and prevent bad breath. CB12 - Family Blue

How does CB12 work?

There are three VSC gases which cause bad breath as part of the natural digestive process; Hydrogen sulphide, Methyl mercaptan and Dimethyl sulphide. CB12 combats all three gases through its unique combination of Zinc acetate and Chlorhexidine diacetate, scientifically proven to eliminate the VSCs that can cause bad breath. CB12 works by neutralising the odour whereas other mouthwashes may be killing essential good bacteria or just temporarily masking the smell of bad breath.2 CB12 has been developed by dentists specifically to target bad breath and scientific studies have proven that CB12 is effective against bad breath, instantly, and for up to 12 hours.

CB12 is available in two formulations: CB12 mouth rinse in mint/menthol and mild/mint menthol or CB12 boost gum. Here at SLOAN! Magazine, we found the boost gum to be a quick and convenient way to keep breath fresh in a handy pack that fits discretely in your purse or pocket.

cb12 boost

CB12 mouth rinse

  • Simple to use, just rinse with a single 10ml dose for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute, gargle and then spit out. Do not swallow
  • Two fresh varieties – mint/menthol and mild mint/menthol with the same strength and effectiveness
  • Contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay
  • Unique formulation of Zinc acetate and Chlorhexidine diacetate to neutralises odour
  • A long-lasting mouth rinse proven to eliminate and control bad breath for 12 hours
  • Available in many pharmacies nationwide and in selected Sainsbury’s and Waitrose stores in three sizes 50ml (£4.39), 250ml (£14.59) and 1L bottle (£44.99)

CB12 boost gum

  • A two layered, sugar-free chewing gum specially designed to prevent bad breath and provides a burst of cool, minty flavour for an instant refreshing effect
  • Contains active ingredients:
    1. Zinc acetate to neutralise odour
    2. Fluoride to help strengthen teeth and prevent caries
    3. Xylitol to help reduce plaque
  • Contains just three calories
  • A handy form of mouth hygiene that can be used up to five times a day (This recommended intake should not be exceeded)
  • Available in Boots and other pharmacy stores in packs of 10 (£4.99)
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