Celgenics Couture Facial

Celgenics Couture Facial is the first treatment from Celgenics and is created with vibrational energy, to deliver powerful skin rejuvenation. Carried out by the founder of Celgenics, therapist Marian Bourne BSc (Hons), AK, CST, with over 20 years experience healing with homeopathy, acupuncture and flower remedies, all of which have at their core: ‘energy’, whether it is the flow of energy (qi/chi as it’s known in Chinese medicine) or the inherent healing energy present in pure organic botanical ingredients; it is this concept that is at the heart of Celgenics.

Celgenics is informed by the therapeutic work of Marian Bourne, a Craniosacral practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Kinesiologist with over 20 years of clinical practice. Her experience has led her to a deep understanding of the effects of healing and transformation that can be achieved through homeopathy, nutrition and vibrational energy medicine.

Como Shambhala Urban Escape
Como Shambhala Urban Escape

Celgenics Couture Facial is non-invasive and works at a cellular level to promote repair and renewal, using specific acupuncture points and Ayurvedic plumping techniques to lift and tone the face. A bespoke blend of skin elixirs and low-level light frequencies restore and boost cellular energy to create a non-invasive facelift. Results include the softening of lines as well as tighter and plumper skin. On a cellular level, the Celgenics Couture Facial can improve lymphatic drainage, increase the detoxification and oxygenation of the cells and boost collagen production.

Marian has combined the best of the East and West to create an effective anti aging facial. Massaging the face along specific acupuncture points to revitalise the muscles and tissue, and incorporating 21st century technology with cold laser therapy, which delivers powerful anti aging results. The cold laser therapy works by supplying energy in the form of photons of light to the skin, which accelerates the rate of cellar healing.

Marian is an inspirational skincare expert who has genuinely created a facial treatment which produces an immediate lifting, firming effect on the skin. She is so certain of the benefits of the Celgenics Couture Facial that she happily only treated one side of our reporter’s face and showed her the difference which was not only clearly visible but astounding. Not many facials can produce these extraordinary results and we at SLOAN! Magazine highly recommend the Celgenics Couture Facial as one of the best spa treatments we have ever reviewed.

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Celgenics Skincare

Celgenics skincare is a premium range of natural, organic, vegan-approved, and hypoallergenic skincare for women aged 30 to 65. t the same time as promoting skin rejuvenation, Celgenics uplifts and enhances your well-being inside and out. All Celgenics products are infused with energy, delivering powerful anti-aging skincare and helping with skin repair and rejuvenation. Marian has included the vibrational information from Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Co Q10, Vitamin C, B vitamins, Elastin and many more skin restorative agents. Each of these is important and combined together they create a powerful, energetic matrix for skin rejuvenation.

The Celgenics Couture Facial is available exclusively at the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Metropolitan by COMO’s central London luxury holistic wellbeing sanctuary. COMO Shambhala advocates proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing. COMO Shambhala follows a healthy living philosophy that takes its inspiration from mythological roots: in ancient Buddhist texts, ‘Shambhala’ refers to a sacred place of bliss.

The 90-minute treatment costs £160 per person.

Como Shambhala Urban Escape
Metropolitan by COMO
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