Chicago Rib Shack

Over 20 years ago, Bob Payton decided to bring all that’s great about American Diners to London. Without his vision and secret BBQ recipe Chicago Rib Shack wouldn’t be here today.

In 1982, Payton decided that after visiting 85 restaurants in 10 cities in America and eating all kinds of BBQ, that it was time to open the best BBQ restaurant in Europe. The Chicago Rib Shack found it’s first home in Knightsbridge and since then dozens of restaurants have tried to copy their style, menu, and even their recipes. But Chicago Rib Shack know that there is more to BBQ than just pouring a little ketchup and Tabasco sauce on some meat and grilling it. All their recipes are the genuine, authentic article that the team have experienced in America.

It’s not only their food ideas and expertise which comes from America but also their commitment to guaranteed freshness and quality as well as excellent service.

Even thought original Chicago Rib Shack in Knightsbridge has sadly closed, there are now four Chicago Rib Shack restaurants which have opened in Stratford, Leeds, Twickenham and Clapham with more to follow up and down the UK. We were invited to sample the menu at their Clapham restaurant.

The SLOAN! Review

Chicago Rib Shack is the perfect place to tantalise your tastevlbuds with authentic American food. There is a plethora of choice from the menu, meat heavy with traditional flavours smoked just down the road leaving you wishing you had two stomachs to fit in all this fine food.

We arrived on Wing Wednesday where you can have a chicken wing for a £1.

Chicago Rib Shack 01

But before we tested them out it was time to try the cocktails which are 2 for Tuesday – Thursday. I sampled the Pornstar Martini while my drinking companion savoured the Peach Iced Tea. We also tried the Mojito and the Peanut Butter Hard Shake. For those who fancy a tipple, the hard shakes are definitely worth a try.

Whetting our appetites for the delicious Chicken Wings served with blue cheese dip and celery sticks. We sampled one of each flavour – BBQ, Spicy and Super Spicy. The three sauces all tantalise the tastebuds but we dare you to order the Super Spicy for a fiery kick!

Chicago Rib Shack 05

We both loved them so much so we went home with a bottle of super spicy sauce. We also sampled the Calamari which is corn meal coated and served with a fresh chilli garnish and lemon mayo.

Chicago Rib Shack 03

The calamari was fresh and tasty with a good amount of heat. We asked for a helping of super spicy mayo on the side which was superb.

Chicago Rib Shack 04

Chicago Rib Shack is known for its Ribshack Top 4 which is described as their greatest hits all on one board. Baby Back, Belly and Beef Ribs with Pulled Pork all glazed with their smoky BBQ sauce.

Flavourful, tasty, succulent meat is perfect for meat lovers. The photos speak for themselves as to quantity.

Chicago Rib Shack 11

We have been told that people do attempt to eat one of these boards by themselves but we decided to share allowing us to sample some sides include the corn on the cob

Chicago Rib Shack 10

And the Mac and Cheese which should be a must-have on anyone’s order.

Chicago Rib Shack 12

Finally running out room we admitted defeat and had to share a desert – the bourbon bread and butter pudding is one of our favourite examples of this comfort food dessert we’ve ever tasted.

Chicago Rib Shack 16

We cannot recommend this establishment highly enough. If you are brave, ask for Jack’s secret sauce on your wings – it is devilishly divine.

Chicago Rib Shack
Arch 642 Voltaire Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6DH
0207 720 7059

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