Chika Premium Nuts and Snacks

Made with the finest quality ingredients, Chika’s premium hand produced snacks brings a real taste of West Africa to the UK and are bursting with flavour in every morsel.

Whether it’s lavish plantain crisps with a hint of chilli, healthy light chickpea crisps for a guilt free snack between lunch and dinner or some hand toasted peanuts to complement your summer picnic, Chika’s are the ultimate snack choice whatever the occasion.

Here at SLOAN! we loved the Hand Toasted Peanuts with Skin – these taste so authentic and are a delicious gourmet treat so far removed from the ubiquitous boring salted peanuts served by less inspired hosts. Although the Chickpea Crisps are lower in fat than standard potato crisps, we found the flavour didn’t have the spicy kick we were expecting but they probably taste good to palates unaccustomed to chilli.Peanuts No Skins Mock Up Flat copyTempt your taste buds with one of these delicious varieties…

Chickpea Crisps

With 40% lower fat than potato crisps, Chika’s chickpea crisps have all the flavour but none of the guilt! A popular nutritious staple in West African soups and stews, this humble bean is elevated to be the star of the show! Added vibrancy and warmth are achieved with a sprinkle of cumin seeds and cracked black pepper to give a delicately nutty crisp with a fragrant aroma

Hand Toasted Peanuts with Skin

Chika’s luxury peanuts are dried under the African sun before being hand-toasted over a wood fire for their distinctive, rich flavour. These nuts are skin on – for peanut connoisseurs.

Chilli Plantain Crisps

For those who like a little heat with their crisps Chika’s chilli plantain crisps are great shared with friends for those summer or social occasion.

Smoked Almonds

Exploding with flavour, Chika’s smoked almonds will keep you reaching for another handful. Made with a hint of paprika, each mouthful transports your senses to the fiery warmth of Africa. And with no artificial colouring or flavours they are full of natural goodness!

Chika’s snacks are available from Waitrose and WH Smiths nationwide. They can also be found at; Whole Foods, Jamie Oliver’s Recipease Shop and many other good deli’s and retail outlets from £1.19. For more information, please visit

Chika's Hand Toasted Peanuts with Skin






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  • Hand toasted in West Africa
  • Quality ingredients
  • Authentic taste
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