Chinese Cricket Club

Dining 18 (500x317)Located on the corner of New Bridge Street in Blackfriars, Chinese Cricket Club invites you experience their modern menu of Sichuan specialities created by Executive head chef Ken Wang.

Chef Wang’s individual style of cooking fuses modern techniques with traditional, authentic flavours. The flavours of every dish have been created with great respect for the origins and originators of Sichuan food.

Established since 2009, Chinese Cricket Club is an AA Rosette restaurant and holds a certificate of excellence awarded by Trip Advisor. The restaurant is named in honour of the original Chinese National Cricket team, who played their first international match in 2009. The restaurant continues its connection to the sport through their sponsorship of the Kia Oval – Surrey County Cricket Club.

The SLOAN! Review

As far as Chinese restaurants go the Chinese Cricket Club is up there with the best, we at SLOAN! were excited to review this refreshing restaurant located in the Crowne Plaza hotel in Blackfriars.

After looking at the menu and seeing Chef Wang’s influences it was clear why this restaurant has been awarded an AA Rosette. There are many popular dishes on the menu ranging from crispy aromatic duck (but served with prawn and nuts) to slow braised pork belly which is cooked for 5 hours until beautifully tender and sea bass cooked in different ways.

To start we ordered the wasabi prawn, crispy salt and pepper squid, Be-Feng-Tang soft shell crab and prawn and scallop siu mai from the dim sum menu. The wasabi prawns came in beautifully light batter dressed with a decent amount of wasabi mayonnaise, a must for any wasabi lover but not for the faint hearted. The crispy salt and pepper squid was soft, succulent and served with a sweet chilli sauce that complemented the dish perfectly. The Be-Feng-Tang soft shell crab is a dish not to be missed, a beautiful Cantonese dish that comes coated with dry garlic, salt, pepper, chilli and cashew nuts. Though traditionally presented dry this sauceless dish is crispy yet the crab is moist and mouth watering.

Dim Sum (500x333)One of the interesting things about Chinese Cricket Club is the all day dim sum. There are many delicious steamed parcels on the menu so we had to give it a go. We choose the prawn and scallop siu mai and were not disappointed! The dish was perfectly steamed and the high quality of the ingredients showed. Every mouthful was a pleasure and the layered fresh scallop and prawn made the mouth water with every bite.

The next delightful dish we choose was the crispy aromatic rabbit. We have yet to see this dish grace any other menu and the platter before us exceeded all our expectations. Less fatty than duck the leaner rabbit meat was served tender with a succulence second to none. The rabbit skin absorbed the aromatic flavours including Chinese five spice making this dish as flavourful as the classic duck version.

For our main course we had the wok fried scallops, the steamed sea bass with chilli and egg fried rice.

When the steamed sea bass arrived we were taken aback by the beautiful colour of the home made chilli and black bean sauce, beautifully red but equally fiery. The sea bass itself was perfectly cooked and was soft and succulent and as you would expect perfectly de-boned, a brilliant dish with a good kick, we ate the dish with egg fried rice which added to the dish by soaking up the vibrant flavours. The wok fried scallops came with asparagus, cashew nuts and carrot. It was quite a contrast to the sea bass but was cooked exquisitely and was fresh and vibrant.

The dessert menu is short and traditional. A selection of seasonal fruits or ice creams.

We look forward to returning.

Chinese Cricket Club
Crowne Plaza London – The City
19 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6DB
Tel: 020 7438 8051

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