Clos de los Siete 2011

Dourthe Wines state that: “Clos de los Siete is a premium wine from Argentina, created in 2002 by internationally renowned French winemaker, Michel Rolland. He introduced the original concept of blending Malbec with other noble varieties in Argentina, a trend which has become more widespread in recent years. The varieties used in the Clos de los Siete blend are cultivated with great care from seven vineyard parcels at Clos de los Siete which is situated in Vista Flores at Canton de Tunuyàn (120 kms south of Mendoza).”

Michel Rolland describes this wine as “Full and fleshy on the palate, underpinned by lovely balance. The Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot impart well-coated, tannic structure. The Syrah brings mouthfeel and flavour. Overall, this complex blend of grape varieties comes together to form a generous wine of great delicacy. Long, lingering and highly aromatic on the finish – the promise of great pleasure to come.”

In colour, this wine is a rich crimson tinged with ruby. On the nose, there is are spicy notes from the Malbec with rich black fruit aromas characteristic of ripe Merlot. Subtle ageing in oak adds a subtle smokiness as the wine develops in the glass.

We found this elegant wine to have aromas of blackberries and vanilla complemented by refined notes of buttery pastry and white tobacco. The finish is long with meaty tannins. Fresh and well balanced, the wine clearly demonstrates its impressive pedigree and we highly recommend it.

Available from Waitrose, Sainsbury, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Averys at £14.99 a bottle.

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  • Exceptional quality
  • Intriguing notes
  • Iconic blend of Malbec, Cab Sauv, Merlot & Syrah

  • Young and in need of ageing for a fleshier texture
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