Countryside Criminal

Countryside Criminal is a lifestyle clothing company located in deepest Dorset. The brand is far removed from the traditional country pursuits clothing brands you will be familiar with and will no doubt be wearing during this year’s shooting season. For our younger readers who are looking for country chic with a modern edge to wear about town that has a cheeky sense of humour and some seriously luxurious fabrics like the best tweed and the finest mink, look no further than Countryside Criminals.


Country pursuits have suffered from the label of belonging to the privileged few – hunting has become politically incorrect, wearing fur upsets the neighbours and shooting parties are now only talked about by one’s grandparents. However those involved in the Shooting Season are taking steps to change all that, making country sports more accessible and appealing to a younger generation looking for something more interesting to do during their leisure time. Millenials and the young at heart need look no further than a brand like Countryside Criminal to bring some cheeky British country chic to their autumn/winter wardrobe this season. Their recent Huntsman T-shirt gives you a good idea of the sensibility of the brand… we think Mr Sloan might have something to say if his Lady wore this particular “campaign” t-shirt!


Based upon the old countryside rogues, the inspiration behind Countryside Criminal has been sought from the highwayman, the poacher, the burglar, the smuggler and many similar characters.Their unusual tailored coats will ensure the wearer stands out from the crowd rather than getting lost in the mob. Luxurious materials and distinctive styling means that when you wear a Countryside Criminal coat you will be the one leading the pack rather than getting thrown to the wolves. Cue Red Riding Hood… or should I say, her funky Countryside Criminal’s sister…


One of our favourite coats is called A Patchy Distraction seen above. Every one of these coats is unique. Not just because of the individual Criminal number, but because the collection of cloths used to tailor each one is random. The coat is lined with the signature Countryside Criminal orange lining, with Union Jack motif on the back and has an oversized hood which makes you look like the cheeky patchwork sister of Red Riding Hood.


With the quirky hood and other fashion-focused details like the flared styling and solid brass snap hook and ring, this coat is a real head turning work of tailoring art. There is also the option of a mink lining to raise the fashion stakes even higher. A Patchy Distraction costs £765 with signature orange lining and £1,245.00 with mink lining.


Another of our favourites is The Pinch Coat in Ginger Canvas with Tweed Trim (see above). It is also available in Tweed with Ginger Canvas Trim. The styling is tailored to the waist, pinched and then flared to the points to provide a distinctive silhouette with a flick of style.


The coat has a lovely shawl collar cut from green tweed and is lined in the signature Countryside Criminal orange lining and is guaranteed to make even your favourite pair of jeans look incredible. Even though this coat has no pockets, it is so stylish that you won’t even notice or care. After all, who wants the practical when you can have the fabulous!


The Pinch Coat costs £265 with signature orange lining and there is also the option of adding an embroidered illustration by the renowned sporting artist Debbie Harris which takes the coat up to £355.

Both coats and a host of other lifestyle clothing are available from

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