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Fragrance and accessories brand She Who Dares is more than just about the products. It’s about celebrating remarkable women and never giving up. Having been awarded an MBE in 2009 for her services to business, creator Rachel Lowe was inspired to create a brand that would enable other women to feel as special as she felt when she went to Buckingham Palace to receive her honour.

We recently reviewed She Who Dares’ first fragrance ‘Eminence’ which is fresh, floral and seductive. The second fragrance ‘Dalliance’ is deliciously feminine fragrance, igniting the senses with a flirtatious mix of fruity and floral layers.

Dalliance 100ml carton - emailThe Dalliance woman is a fun, flirty, seductive and charismatic individual who thrives off the energy of others. Her energetic and chirpy nature is adored by all that come into her company. Always in the pursuit of ardent and life fulfilling experiences, she lives life to the full and her positivity is infectious. She is a complex character so don’t be fooled by her sweet and innocent side – this is a woman who knows what she wants.

A fruity and floral scent, Dalliance opens up with top notes of sweet jasmine, tuberose and crisp magnolia with luscious ripe pears at the heart, resting on a sensual musky base. Each individual ingredient build up the flirtatious layers of She Who Dares Dalliance. She Who Dares founder, Rachel Lowe MBE is proud to support UK business by sourcing every component of the fragrance from packaging to ingredient from right here, in Britain.

The cream and gold toned bottle reflects the pure, innocent and light heartedness of the Dalliance woman. Its glamorous curves echoes the femininity and confidence of a woman. The bottle is adorned with the She Who Dares iconic rose lid. The rose itself is a symbol of recognition for the women that receives it. The name Dalliance means flirtation and compliments the fun and flirty notes in the fragrance.

She Who Dares Dalliance Eau de Parfum 30ml/RRP£32.00 50ml/RRP £45.00 100ml/RRP £60.00. Available exclusively from Jarrolds, and

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  • Stylish bottle
  • Feminine fruity floral fragrance
  • Produced in the UK
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