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New research reveals we’re no longer a nation of tea drinkers, with Brits now drinking an average of 3.2 cups of coffee per day versus only 2.4 cups of tea. It is the consumption behaviour which highlights how we’ve become a nation obsessed with coffee, with Brits traveling more than 356 miles  each year in search of their perfect cup – that’s almost as far as London to Edinburgh.

Brits are fussier than ever before with 1 in 3 (31%) admitting that they would rather skip a coffee than have a bad cup, and 14% admitting they would look down on friends or family if they served instant coffee.

The research also revealed that a good cup of coffee is the fifth most important daily priority for Brits (36%), beating spending quality time with a partner (30%), exercising (25%) and checking social media accounts (22%). In fact, 8% of Brits admit they would rather have a good cup of coffee than arrive at work on time.

The research, commissioned to launch the new state-of-the-art De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite – the world’s first fully integrated bean-to-cup coffee machine to offer smart connectivity, allowing you to create, personalise and deliver your perfect coffee straight from your mobile device – found that coffee is no longer just about getting a caffeine kick – one in three (29%) Brits now personalise their coffee with the strength (43%), temperature (29%), milk to coffee ratio (24%) and the quality of the beans (23%) being the most important factors when selecting coffee – one in seven (14%) have even tried more than 10 types of coffee bean to find the perfect brew.

De’Longhi Prima Donne Elite Hero ImageA quarter of coffee loving Brits (24%) admit that they wouldn’t be able to get through the day without a coffee, while 17% would get up earlier so they have time to buy a coffee on the way to work or even skip breakfast (14%). A quarter (23%) are coffee snobs who avoid big chains in search of ‘better coffee’ at independent cafes, and one in five ( 19%) have invented a reason to go to their local high street just to get a coffee.

It’s not just in coffee shops, selective Brits are becoming coffee connoisseurs in their own home as demand for premium coffee experiences at home continues apace; While 52% regularly drank instant coffee 10 years ago, 31% now drink significantly more coffee made from fresh beans than they used to and one in five (18%) Brits now drink coffee from beans ground at home every week. The total number of new products launched in the UK is rising 25% year on year, much of this growth is coming from fresh coffee.

Neal Jones, De’Longhi UK and Ireland Country Manager added,

“Coffee has grown from a functional routine to a pleasurable pastime where a one size fits all drink is no longer acceptable – each coffee lover has their own unique interpretation of the perfect brew. The key reason for this is the increasing choice of good quality coffee beans and equipment available, combined with a natural inkling to learn about and experiment with coffee styles – just as selecting fine wine requires knowledge and experience, so too does blending and creating coffee.” 

“Due to consumer demand for barista-quality personalisation at home, De’Longhi has created the PrimaDonna Elite, the world’s first bean to cup machine with smart, connected technology with user profiling to give consumers the ultimate drink personalisation, in the comfort of their own home.”

Social Behaviour Researcher, Dr. Harry Witchel, commented:

“Tea drinking has long been a fixture throughout the Commonwealth, but the rise of travel for everyone has changed British lifestyles. While the café culture on the high street includes relaxation, it also incorporates an urban market-stall vibrancy including sounds and smells that are a world apart from the experience in a tea shop. The very word barista – with its international flavour – implies a profession of people whose only job is to grind and brew a perfect cup of coffee – compare that to the tea lady.”

“People are willing to go the extra mile for a really good cup of coffee, and elite coffee drinkers are prepared to grind the beans themselves.  This fits with recent scientific evidence that, for consumers, movement and action is synonymous with freshness.  For the very best in coffee, people want to see and hear the grinding.  It’s all quite different from the quiet cup of tea.” 

The De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite is available from Harrods and John Lewis, priced at £1499.99.

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