Demijohn’s Walnut Liqueur

WalnutLiqueur-Antica500ml-2-nw-wb-140731Walnuts are the kings of the nut collection, with their large round shape, but the best way ever to imbibe them is in a new Walnut Liqueur just launched by liquid deli Demijohn.

As the first British Walnut Liqueur to be made in the UK it overtakes all other nutty winter drinks and is the ultimate after dinner drink for this season. Made from walnuts picked in the early summer by the Demijohn team in East Sussex, and then made in Somerset, this very dark, strong liqueur takes at least 40 days and nights to infuse but the resulting wait is worth it. As a delicious, strong flavored drink, with a hint of infused walnuts and cloves, its subtle sweetness and spiced overtone make it a perfect drink for the cold winter months.

Based loosely on the Northern Italian Nochino Liqueur, Demijohn’s Walnut Liqueur is made by combining Apple Eau de Vie as the base spirit with British walnuts and cloves.

Demijohn has just introduced it into its shops and online at, with prices starting at £6.60 for a 100ml bottle, making it an affordable, unusual and delicious gift. Add a personalised message for free and you have Christmas sorted too.

Walnut Liqueur-2-141010-DemijohnAngus Ferguson from Demijohn says: “The process of making this drink has been a wonderful adventure which started with Frances, my wife, having run experiments on our kitchen table last year to discover the secret recipe. We then picked the walnuts on our 10th birthday on 1st July, a beautifully hot summer’s day. The reward for all our effort and patience is just 250 litres of the most delightful drink. There will never be enough of this truly unique drink, which is a perfect addition to any winter feast!”

Demijohn sources unusual, delicious artisan liqueurs, spirits, oils and vinegars from around the UK and Europe and sells them in a wide range of re-useable glass bottles. Each bottle can have a free personalised message added. Gift wrapping is also available.

Although some may find this drink unusual at first, here at SLOAN! we love the rich spice of clove combined with the distinct nuttiness of the walnuts on the palate. This unique Walnut Liqueur is the perfect present to someone who appreciates exploring outside of the box to enjoy unique artisan flavours and it is the complete antithesis to the mass produced same old same old spirits one normally finds on the shelves at this time of year. SLOAN! recommends that you give it a try this season.

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