DLux and Vitamin D Awareness Week

Vitamin D Awareness Week takes place between 19th and 25th October, so to raise awareness about the Sunshine Vitamin, SLOAN! magazine spoke to  founder and MD of BetterYou, Andrew Thomas, to find out about this year’s campaign and hear the latest findings from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) which aims to highlight the importance of vitamin D and the dangers due to our growing levels of deficiency.

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The latest findings from the SACN, an independent advisory body to the government, propose that people in the UK over the age of one, supplement with vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight exposure. Health pioneers BetterYou have always recommended year-round supplementation and developed a vitamin D, DLux Oral Spray range to ensure optimum delivery and guarantee absorption levels.

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou told us: “We’ve been waiting a long time for the SACN report to be published as the government’s current advice is that only at-risk groups should take a daily vitamin D supplement, yet due to the lack of sunshine in the UK and cloudy conditions more and more of us are depleted in this essential vitamin which can lead to numerous health risks.”

It is now thought that previous advice regarding exposure to the sun, lack of sunshine from our cloudy weather, increased levels of skin protection and our indoor lifestyles may not allow people to reach the adequate levels of vitamin D and intake should be boosted with supplements. The evidence included in the report suggests a new recommended daily intake should apply throughout the year “as a precautionary method”.

Andrew went on to say, “Supplementation is easy and cost-effective and our vitamin D oral sprays are great for adults and children alike. Research by Cardiff University has shown that by applying it directly into the mouth it is absorbed through the mucous membrane directly into the blood system with a more guaranteed uptake than any traditional tablet or capsule. In fact, independent trials have shown oral sprays to raise vitamin D levels between 156-228% faster than traditional tablets or capsules.”

The SACN report estimates that most people only get around five micrograms from their diets but suggests that they should ensure they have 10 micrograms of vitamin D every day. For those at risk of deficiency it is believed that a higher dose is required.

As Vitamin D Awareness Week looms, BetterYou’s aim this year is to educate the nation as to the dangers of vitamin D deficiency and spread the message of not only the importance of supplementation but also how easy it is to rectify this situation. Vitamin D Awareness Week takes place between 19th and 25th October and aims to ‘banish the buts’ on misconceptions regarding the level we believe we receive from our modern diet and internal lifestyle.

The DLux range comes in different strengths for people of all ages from infants, juniors, adults and during pregnancy and is listed in the NHS recommended product guide for vitamin D supplementation and is recommended by the Department of Health – the first and only oral spray form to be accepted.

The range consists of DLux Infant (£5.95), DLux Junior (£6.25), DLux 1000 (£6.95), DLux 3000 (£7.95) and DLux Pregnancy (£9.95). Available from all good health shops and www.betteryou.com

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