EcoHydra: NASA Approved Hand Sanitiser

Eco-Hydra hand san packs 50mlThe average ‘clean looking’ pair of hands can hold up to a shocking 10 million germs, leaving many of us guilty of passing on the stubborn bacteria that can cause illnesses such as colds, influenza, skin infections, and food poisoning, without even realising it.

Not only that, but experts warn that failing to cleanse our hands properly after going to the toilet, preparing food, or simply coming into contact with someone who is ill, can lead to the spread of serious infections such as MRSA, E.Coli, Bird Flu, Norovirus and SARS.

Worryingly, a typical high street hand sanitiser will kill just 99.9% of germs, which can leave at least 10,000 bacteria still breeding and being passed along from person to person. Now however, scientists and healthcare experts have developed an innovative hand sanitiser tested to be 1,000 times more effective at killing germs and bugs.

EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser quickly kills up to 99.9999% of germs, and can leave no more than just 10 germs on hands; making it an extremely effective hand sanitiser with proven efficacy against E. Coli, SARS, Bird Flu, MRSA and Norovirus.

With its completely alcohol-free, antimicrobial formula, EcoHydra is free from the harshness of alcohol-based sanitisers which can dry out the skin, and with frequent use leave hands even more exposed to germs. Enriched with natural moisturiser Aloe Vera, EcoHydra can be used repeatedly throughout the day making it pleasant to use as well as highly effective.

The benefits of using an alcohol-free hand sanitiser include:

  • EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser quickly dries naturally leaving no sticky residue on the skin and remains actively germ killing, unlike alcohol based products.
  • Alcohol is dangerous and can be a fire hazard! EcoHydra’s Instant Hand Sanitiser does not contain alcohol and therefore poses no risk to patients.
  • During a Clostridium difficile outbreak (a type of bacterial infection that can affect the digestive system), hand hygiene protocol requires hospital staff to cease using alcohol based products as alcohol does not kill the Clostridium infection, and in certain tests even causes a rise in the number of viable spores.
  • Alcohol dries skin and creates an environment for bacterial growth. EcoHydra’s Instant Hand Sanitiser is kind to the skin and maintains the natural pH to keep skin supple and hygienic.
  • Alcohol is not effective against Norovirus or Acenitobacter (which causes a variety of diseases, ranging from pneumonia to serious blood or wound infections). EcoHydra’s active ingredient is effective against both micro-organisms.
  • Alcohol based products become less effective with repeated application, whereas the EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser provides consistent effectiveness with repeated use. The product also remains active and effective against micro-organisms for an extended period, whereas alcohol based products have no residual activity – once dry, the effectiveness ceases.
  • Alcohol-based products failed the NASA space programme test because they caused irritation amongst some users but EcoHydra passed the test and the product was chosen for use in the astronauts’ food preparation areas.

Targeted directly at improving hand hygiene in hospitals, homes, schools and other environments where infection prevention is paramount, EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser has been developed in response to World Health Organisation reports about combating the increase in healthcare associated infections and promoting better hand hygiene, with the ultimate aim to prevent the spread of infections.

EcoHydra Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitiser 50ml is only £2.49. The range is available from most Boots stores and online at

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