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Fino fans, cocktail lovers and al fresco diners can take summer sipping to a delicious new level with Tio Pepe’s classic Spanish serve – the Tiojito. Combine Tio Pepe with fresh mint and lemonade for an afternoon aperitif, or prepare in a jug with handfuls of ice for a mouth-watering serve at a bank holiday barbecue.

Tio Pepe summer cocktails - Photography © Daniel Lewis

Sherry has made a dramatic comeback over the past few years and dry styles – like fino – are often used by Britain’s top bartenders to help balance a drink’s flavours. Savour Tio Pepe’s distinctive savoury taste and slurp slowly like the Spanish do while basking in the sun.

Tio Pepe summer cocktails - Photography © Daniel Lewis +44(0)7813987475

A firm favourite amongst the residents of Jerez in Spain (the home of sherry) and typically drunk during the summer months, the refreshing qualities of the Tiojito make it the perfect thirst-quencher – and it’s low in alcohol too.

Tio Pepe summer cocktails - Photography © Daniel Lewis +44(0)7813987475

To make a Tiojito for one or to serve a jug, you will need the following ingredients:

To Serve 1

  • 50ml Tio Pepe (pre-chilled)
  • 100ml lemonade (pre-chilled)
  • Ice
  • Mint

To Serve a Jug

  • 200ml Tio Pepe (pre-chilled)
  • 400ml lemonade (pre-chilled)
  • Handfuls of ice
  • A handful of mint

The recipe is quick and easy. Simply pour Tio Pepe over ice and muddled mint in a tumbler glass or jug and mix with the lemonade. Our top tip is to fill the glass or jug with as much ice as you can to keep the cocktail cooler for longer – especially during those warm summer days we are all looking forward to. If you wish, you can also garnish the drink with a lemon slice.

Tio Pepe is available from all major retailers including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco, RRP £9.99

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  • Excellent example of fino sherry
  • Ideal ingredient for summer cocktails

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