How To Erase The Mistakes Of 2015

Leading spiritual medium Emma Kinsey shares her advice on how to erase the mistakes of the past and move forward in 2016 by using the power of your gut instinct.

Have you ever noticed how we hold on to past mistakes long after they have occurred? Some of us hold on to these for far to long. One thing that I always believe is that past mistakes we have made always learn us lessons that we need to move forward. Take this quote for instance, “I have learned so much from my mistakes….I am thinking of making some more!” Every single thing that happens in our life is a learning curve. We can continue to beat ourselves up over things we could of done differently or we can learn from them and move on.

Emma Kinsey - Spiritual Medium
Emma Kinsey – Spiritual Medium

A great way of getting a better direction in our life is to follow and use our gut instinct. Your gut instinct can give you an instinctive feeling, as opposed to an opinion or idea based on facts. It is that feeling that you get that you cannot quite explain but you know it means something. I believe that your gut instinct is spirit, they are sending you messages to help you on your path. Whatever your belief maybe of what your gut instinct is why not use it more in 2016 to help you make the right decisions about your life.

Some of the most powerful names in business credit their success with following their gut instinct. In order to tap into our gut instinct we need to “unplug” ourselves, in other words take ourselves away from any stressful situations, for example our work, and find a place where we can relax the mind. It is so much harder for you to listen to your gut instinct when you have things going on around you distracting you. When you are wanting to concentrate on a problem/situation that you need to solve maybe take a walk by yourself, basically go and be anywhere that is relaxing for you. This could be anywhere, a walk by the sea maybe, when you are in a state of calm listen to any hunches, whispers that you get, this is your gut instinct trying to guide you.

It is up to you to follow these hunches and see where they lead. For example, if something looks like a good idea but it just does not feel right for you then it probably won’t be. It is up to you to follow these instincts. Does something feel comfortable or uncomfortable? All these things you need to listen to. Many of us shrug off these feelings that we get and we all need to listen to them more.

When you have a gut instinct and you act on it other people may not agree with the decisions that you make. It is so important that you do what feels right for you. Do not listen to outside influences and only listen to yourself, trust in YOUR gut instinct. Put this in to practice in 2016 and watch how your life changes for the better. You are being protected and you just need to take the time to listen.

Emma KinseyEmma Kinsey is the UK’s leading psychic medium. From the age of six, when Emma’s grandfather visited her the night he died in hospital, Emma has been seeing spirits. Emma was fortunate to grow up in a family that accepted that there were bigger things in this life that not everyone understood. Emma’s stepfather Phil Taylor was a Psychic Medium and put her in touch with a development class. Emma attended and for the first time ‘felt normal’. Surrounded by people with shared experiences, she began to open up to the talent and gift that would lead her to becoming one of the most talented mediums in the country. In the last few years Emma’s popularity has soared with private readings and audience events – all this without publicity and simply by personal recommendation. Emma Kinsey is a rare talent and someone who spreads light and peace into the lives of everyone she meets.

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