Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for the answers to the most common queries

Administrative Queries

What is your delivery address for products?

Please note we do not accept product samples without prior arrangement. All unsolicited samples will be donated to charity if appropriate but we respectfully request that you do not send unsolicited items.

This address is for deliveries only. There will be someone there to sign for the package between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri and between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays.

SLOAN! Magazine
Suite 276 Hill House
210 Upper Richmond Road
SW15 6NP

In the unlikely event your courier is lost please phone 020 8789 4926 and ask how to get to 210 Upper Richmond Road.  Note this number is for the mail room only and is not a port of contact for SLOAN! magazine enquiries.

How can I call you?

We will not arrange any products to be sent in or services to be reviewed over the phone as we believe in keeping written records to avoid confusion. We are however here on the other end of the phone if you cannot find the answer to your question on the FAQ page and/or if your query is urgent. If it is not urgent then do just drop us an e-mail at editorial at sloanmagazine dot com and we will get back to you as soon as we can. The magazine mobile for urgent queries is 07715474602. Please note all non urgent enquiries will be asked to submit their pitch via e-mail as we do not accept pitches over the phone.

Who is the best contact for me?

If you want to add us to your list, please only use editorial at sloanmagazine dot com

For editorial enquiries: Charlie (Editorial Assistant) or Daisy (Editorial Intern): editorial at sloanmagazine dot com
For restaurant reviews: Rupert Davies (Senior Editor) & Sammy (Assistant to RD) rupert at sloanmagazine dot com
For sponsored content: Henry Jones: henry at sloanmagazine dot com
For interviews or expert submissions: interviews at sloanmagazine dot com
All other e-mail addresses are currently privately given out in person or during e-mail exchanges


Procedural Queries

When will the product or review be featured?

If you have been chosen for online coverage we aim to have this online within 4 weeks time of confirmation of receipt of the product. Reviews are often up within a fortnight.

If you have been chosen for magazine coverage, you will be placed in the next issue or next issue but one. We are bimonthly and the decision to put any product or service to the next edition will be about the best fit for planned features.

Our magazine themes are – Lifestyle (Jan/July) – Indulgence (March/Sept) – Vitality (May/Nov)

We have up to 3 month lead time on products, but aim to have event up within 2 months or in a timely fashion depending on the date of promotion.

How much does coverage cost?

There is no fee for editorial coverage that fits with our current features where a product is gifted in exchange for an honest review. The product is only featured if it scores over 6 out of 10 in our internal scoring system. We have rejected less than 1% of products but please help us keep this figure low by looking at the quality of products we have previously reviewed.

We currently are reviewing products and services in the Lifestyle, Indulgence or Vitality sectors. You do need to have this signed off by one of the team before submitting the product. We do not accept unsolicited products for editorial coverage. Requests need to be made to the relevant team member. If you are providing a non returnable sample then make your enquiry to editorial at sloanmagazine dot com. If you are offering a loan sample or a competition prize then you need to fill out our sponsored content submission form which will be directed to the relevant team.

How can I be featured in SLOAN!

If you would like us to put forward a suggestion to the Editor at the next meeting then send us an e-mail to editorial at sloanmagazine dot com stating clearly (1) which product or service you are putting forward (2) 50-100 copy about your client (3) RRP (4) confirm that the product is available for permanent review or what is included for a hospitality experience (5) whether competition prizes are available. Do not send full press releases at this time or images. We will request these only when your product has been called in.

Please note if you wish to send in a loan sample then you will need to apply through sponsored content submission form and not editorial. We are currently not accepting loan sample product requests for editorial at the moment so all loan samples will incur a fee for coverage.

On receipt of the above request, we will be able to put this forward for you and one of the team will get back to you after the next editorial meeting if we decide to call in samples for online coverage and/or feature you in the next edition of SLOAN!

When the sample is called in or a review date has been arranged, you will be asked to fill in one of these short forms:

Product Submission Form

Hospitality Submission Form

The only unsolicited requests we will consider are that of experts or interviewees.

Experts: You can ask us at editorial for a title to write or  you can send the completed article pitch via the form below.

Ask The Expert Submission Form

Interviewees: You can ask us at editorial whether your interviewee is suitable but please send bio, headshots and availability via our form below

Interviewee Submission Form

In the meantime, if you wish to know more about our sample policy and the coverage you can expect, you can find more about it here

Has your editor made a decision yet?

If you have not been contacted by a member of the SLOAN! team then you have yet to be shortlisted for inclusion. Fear not, this does not necessarily mean you have been cut, it means you are on the wait list. In the case of products, when all products that fit the feature are in, the best products will be in SLOAN! and the next best products will be online. This may delay your product going live, as if chosen for SLOAN! you may not be chosen to be online aswell. If you wish to be online in a more timely fashion, you can contact us and say you do not wish to be in SLOAN! and only want to appear online in which case we can often have your product up within 10 working days. The only exception to this is if the product scored lower than 6 on our internal score system. If you are enquiring about an expert submission then please note no news means you are currently not in the running to be in SLOAN! within the next 2 months. You may however still have been shortlisted for an upcoming feature. Before contacting us please do use the search bar facility to make sure it is not already live on site. The search bar can be found in the top right hand corner of this website.


Reporting Queries

What type of coverage can I expect?

We offer either one or a combination of the following: a tweet/instagram, inclusion in product round up, product placement in a photo story, product review or inclusion in the magazine. Please note inclusion in the magazine is based on quality and suitability for planned features. Type of online coverage is based on quality, however the value of non-returnable samples will be taken into consideration to give what we consider fair online coverage for samples sent in. If a single item is of low value but sent as more than one item within a bundle, the total value of the bundle will be taken into consideration.

Can I have some figures for SLOAN!

We do not accept traditional advertising in our magazine although we do Instagram shoutouts, product placement, sponsored product reviews, competitions and can provide links. These incur a fee although that fee is waived for non returnable samples over a certain value. We do not have a dedicated advertising team, nor can we promise a rate of return however we have had consistent positive feedback from a myriad of companies from start ups to well established household names. We suggest you look at past promotions to see the quality and high calibre of brands we work with.  Alternatively feel free to visit our sponsored content page which has further details and prices.

For your reporting purposes at the time of writing please note that SLOAN! has a readership of over 40K and an established presence online through the website with a combined following on Instagram and Twitter of over 80K. These are averages as taken from readings taken from the last issue. Both have good engagement with a view to likes in the triple figures on Instagram for products that resonate with our audience.