It’s time to forget everything you think you know about eyelash extensions. No longer reserved for high maintenance beauty bloggers or reality TV party girls, done right eyelash extensions can be the answer for women who want perfect-looking lashes without the time, effort and general hassle of falsies.

I think there has been a stigma about fake eyelashes that done wrong they can damage your eyelashes and also look really obvious growing out. So, I went to try out some half natural half glamorous eyelashes and put them through their paces over a 2 week period. Ditching not only my mascara but my eye make up too. Making my morning so much simpler which is a definite plus point after the diary bookings I have had recently.

Eyelash extensions offer numerous benefits thanks to being waterproof, clump-free, thickening and plumping adding definition to your lashes with the perfect curl and supersized volume. If you’re anything like your typical falsies wearer, you will have bought into the hype, tried the lot and likely been disappointed with the results somewhere along the way.

So can you can stop the searching, stop the layering on and the inevitable scrubbing off of clumpy mascara at the end of the day. We put  FATLASH to the test. Can your eyelashes really be transformed as much as this…


FATLASH is a premium extension brand with over five years of experience, an impressive group of high profile clients and a heap of qualifications and awards to recommend them to eyelash extension newbies. FATLASH takes lashes seriously so you won’t hear any horror stories of dodgy eyelash extensions and you can be reassured that you won’t be leaving wearing long heavy lashes with copious amounts of residual glue.

FATLASH specialises in Russian Volume. Known as the big daddy of eyelash extensions, Russian Volume is a sophisticated technique with results that are consistently on a par. Ultrafine lashes are skilfully tweezed into miniature lash fans. 2D, 3D, 4D right up to 9D. The number refers to the amount of lashes within one fan and the D refers to ‘Dimension’) Using these fans creates the volume and impact people desire.


For those who have tried individual lashes before, after trying FATLASH we definitely recommend you give Russian Volume a go. You will be more than pleasantly surprised. The process requires skill and a great deal of appreciation for the application and science behind false eyelashes. Claire Edbrooke – founder of FATLASH – is as passionate about eyelashes as I am about psychology which put my mind at rest immediately. You know you have found a gem when you can discuss everything from longevity of eyelashes to lash mapping in great detail.


I highly recommend not only discussing what look you want with Claire but taking her advice on what looks best. She has an amazing eye (no pun intended) for detail and can read your face and eye shape, immediately knowing which lengths, curves and fan type will look best not only to open up your eye but inevitable make you look younger and your eyes more striking. The level of how striking you want is at the end of the day up to you, but Claire will advise on what your eyelashes can take with respect to weight and look. I trusted her to decide for my eyelashes and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can opt for the full on glam look of 9D but we recommend you begin with a more restrained 2D or 3D for that “Hey I woke up like this” natural look. The Russian Volume technique does not damage or over-weigh your lashes as ultra fine lashes are used. Classic lashes are much thicker and cannot be used for Russian Volume.

A Typical Session

You begin with a consult, choose a look and then jump up onto Claire’s fabulously comfy bed that is so easy to fall asleep on. After taping, cleaning and de-greasing the lashes, a single  natural lash is isolated, one at a time, ready for the application of the volume fans. A Russian Volume ‘fan’ is hand made, using a pair of tweezers to make 2-9D fans. This takes great skill and precision. Once the fan is prepared, it is then lightly dipped in a professional bonding agent and then carefully placed onto each lash.


Keep your eyes shut, and don’t talk too much because if you are like me you will move your eyelids if you are an animated talker! The making and placing of these fans is very difficult and takes years to master the art of Russian Volume. Talking is allowed but just makes Claire’s job a little harder. She kindly put up with my chatter though!

The process is repeated until full coverage is completed. If each fan was 6D this would create up to six times more lashes than you naturally have. The larger the fans, the higher the density and thicker the look. I chose a 4D and 5D look so felt glamorous but manageable glamour.

It doesn’t end there though, Claire provides a very comprehensive after care. You very much know you are in safe hands and all you have to do is worry about how to spend those extra 15 minutes every morning now you don’t have to apply your eye make up.

My Results

I was really happy with my results, I lost maybe 4 or 5 fans in the first 4 days but you really couldn’t notice. I then went for a good few days without losing many if any at all. They may have fallen out on my pillow but I definitely did not see them or notice any gaps. I was then working in Paris and it was a dream to wake up feeling fresh faced and ready to attend my early business meetings without even noticing we were an hour ahead. I am about 2 weeks in now and I would say they have gone from a glamorous quite full look to a more naturally full look. In terms of numbers probably from a 5D look to a 4D look. In fact I get more comments on how lovely my eyelashes are now they look more natural as I think some people think they are real!

Infills are offered to clients who return after three weeks wanting to keep their new lashes at the optimum. However, I think getting them done before a big event or party in a super glamourous 5D and then rocking the more 4D type look later means you wouldn’t need infills if you are time poor.

I would guess I still have a week or maybe even two left in these lashes but it’s hard to say until I see how they grow out.

Where To Get Them

The FATLASH studio is based near London Bridge and stands out as the only eyelash studio in London to offer a free 30 minute no-BS consultation, you’ll not only leave with the set of bespoke lashes you’ve been dreaming about all this time but ones that are right length and style for you and your eyes.

Fatlash was established in 2015 and is a trademarked eyelash extension brand. Founder, Claire Edbrooke has over five years training in eyelash extensions starting with eyelash emporium in classics in 2012, russian volume with Hanna Pujato in 2016, followed by advanced training with Ina Adamovich, Polina Glebanova and Nelly Soimina – all internationally renowned trainers and competition judges. Claire is known as the lash artist to the Bollywood star Shruti Hasaan and her FATLASH brand has a clear vision with a focus on quality, customer experience and staying ahead in the industry.

Studio 4, The Colour House, 7 Bell Yard Mews, London SE1 3UA
+44 (0)7980 548594

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