FoodSaver keeps food fresh up to five times longer

The average UK family throws out the equivalent of £60 a month of food – the compact FoodSaver® range means there is an alternative. Using the bags and containers at home, the appliance – now 30% smaller than previous models – removes the air from the food’s storage, so ingredients can be kept for up to five times longer.


Once vacuum sealed, the food can be frozen, marinated or put in the microwave; staying as tasty and flavoursome as the day you seal it. Then, when you’re ready to eat, the health and nutritional benefits are captured, ensuring you have a nutritious and well-balanced meal.

Sleek and stylish, the range has been specifically designed to save space on the kitchen worktop, fitting perfectly in the heart of the family home. The FoodSaver® models are available in either a glossed black or a stainless steel finish, perfect for the design-conscious cook. Additionally the FoodSaver®:

  • Can be stored vertically with ease, providing more room for food preparation
  • Features a progress indicator light and automatic vacuum and seal operation function
  • Detect your bag automatically, providing an easy-to-operate hands free experience
  • Protect food from being crushed with the instant seal ability
  • Features removable drip trays for an effortless clean that is also  dishwasher safe
  • Saves money by reducing the amount of food waste thrown away

You can also prepare large and delicious dishes at the weekend and portion for the week, making evening meals and lunchtime snacks easy and waste free – ideal for when you’re low on time mid-week. Alternatively, adventurous cooks can experiment with sous vide cooking, cooking their vacuum sealed food in a low temperature water bath, capturing all the juices from the dish within the bag.

The FoodSaver® also includes a number of helpful and clever accessories. From easy-to-use bottle stoppers – ensuring you keep drinks, oils and dressing’s fresh – handy canisters for storing pasta, biscuits and sweets, as well as lunch boxes and a Quick Marinator, marinating meat and vegetables in minutes.

The FoodSaver® System is designed to remove air and extend the freshness of food up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. FoodSaver® has helped millions of households keep food fresh longer in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry.

With a FoodSaver® and accessories, you can freeze food (preventing freezer burn), refrigerate, store (food and non food), microwave, marinate, control portions and cook sous vide. FoodSaver® has the best technology in vacuum food storage, offering more options, control and ease-of-use than any other, with a broad range of products and accessories.

RRP and Stockists

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FoodSaver® (FFS001) Available from Argos, RRP £59.99

 FoodSaver® (FFS002) Available from Argos & Lakeland, RRP £74.99

 FoodSaver® (FFS003) Coming 2015, RRP £84.99

 FoodSaver® (FFS004) Coming 2015, RRP £99.99

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