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Grabble: Tinder for Fashion

The Grabble App is the gem in the Grabble crown. Described as ‘Tinder for fashion’, the app allows users, wherever they may be, to swipe through the very best of online fashion. Grabble merges shopping, convenience and fashion inspiration into one place to create the very best fashion app- fashion is now at your fingertips.



The App is perfectly simplistic and designed to be used on the go. All that is needed is to quickly sign up, set your preferences and then get swiping. Every item that is swiped right is saved to your ‘Grabs on the go’ collection. The revolutionary sale alert function means that users are notified immediately when their Grabs go down in price to ensure a bargain is never missed!

The app is powered by the Grabble desktop site where the Grabble community Grabs thousands of fashion products from hundreds of sites every week to create an endless feed of fashion. The additional feature of the innovative Grab button, placed on the bookmark bar, enables Grabbers to save all their favourite online fashion items from any other site onto Grabble as well. This creates a community generated fashion platform bursting full of the world’s best fashion – think ‘ASOS meets Pinterest’. So say farewell to the thousands of fashion bookmarks, baskets and tabs and hello to the very simple very nifty Grab button.

The app, already featured in The Sun, In Style, Fabulous Magazine and the Daily Mirror, is free and available for both iOS and Android. The app has also been designed to work both with and without WiFi, so even if you have no signal or 4G, the Grabbing can still continue. The latest feature on the app is the never seen before mobile Grab button which again allows users to save any clothes they like from any mobile website onto Grabble as well. What’s more, conveniently the app and website are also synced, so anything Grabbed on one platform appears on the other to easily complete any purchases at your leisure.

Daniel Murray, Co-Founder and CMO says, “We are delighted to launch our iOS and Android apps, and we are sure they will inspire future Grabbers to fall in love with our take on multi-device shopping. Consumers are now expecting convenience everywhere, so by offering them the ability to browse on the go, and purchase at home with ease, is something we are very excited about.”

The Grabble app is taking the fashion and tech worlds by storm. It has already trended nationally on Twitter with over 10,000 tweets about how much fans love the Grabble app. Grabble has been featured on iTunes in 108 countries and in the last week alone the number of users rose to 20,000. But its not just the public that is falling in love with the Grabble app, the industry love it too with the app being nominated for Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Fashion, Smarta 100 – Top 10 Mobile Business, and Grabble was announced as having been slected in the final 8 for Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Download the app for iOS: http://bit.ly/1ltxjtk and Android: http://bit.ly/1tPR4dQ

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