Groov-e Solar Bank

Affordable electronics manufacturer, Groov-e, have introduced a brand new Solar Bank to their already successful range of portable chargers. The Solar Bank can be purchased pre-charged and allows users to power up 2 devices at the same time.

Nearly twice as powerful as its predecessor (the 3600mAh solar charger), the Solar Bank is completely cost efficient and energy friendly. With the ability to charge to smart phones in 1.5 hours and the ability to charge 2 devices at once through a USB connection, the Solar Bank is the ideal solution for busy people on the go.

Groov-e Solar Bank 2Those who need to charge the Solar Bank quickly, have the option to charge via USB – with both micro and mini USB adapters included. The Solar Bank will charge a mobile phone up to 8 times before needing to be charged again… and up to 4 times for an iPhone/ smart phone.

Perfect for those who love the great outdoors, the Solar Bank even features a built-in flashlight – making camping and outdoor pursuits safer and easier. Also including a carabiner, the bank can also be carried about with ease.

The Groov-e Solar Bank is an overall stylish battery charger for mobiles, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, GPS, cameras and more… giving you power while on the move and allowing you to generate power the natural way.

Groov-e Solar BankFeatures include:

– Input 4.5V-5.8V/1A (Fixed USB charging cable)
– Output 5V/1A (Fixed Micro-USB cable) or 5V/2.4A (USB Port)
– Charging cable plus tips for Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia, Pouch
– USB Sync/Charge cable supplied by Apple is required for IOS devices (not included)

Charging time:

– Self charging time via USB 6-7 hours
– Self charging time via Sun 35 hours
– Device charging time 1.5-2 hours

What can you charge:

– iPad/Tablet up to 1 time
– iPhone/Smart Phone 2-4 times
– GPS 2-4 times
– Mobile Phone 4-8 times
– e-Reader 1-3 times
– iPod/MP3 player 4-8 times

The Groov-e Solar Bank is available from Amazon for £33.19

For further information about Groov-e and its products, visit

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  • ideal charging solution for busy people on the go
  • power up 2 devices at the same time
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