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Post winter slump and weekly surveys highlighting how exhausted, tired and unhappy we all are as a nation does little to boost our energy. With one in three of us putting our jobs before our health and the recent ‘Un-happiness’ National Office of Statistic index showing that half of the nation are miserable it’s no wonder that we are all running low on energy. Healthspan’s team of nutrition experts have developed Energex Plus®, an advanced new formulation for those looking for a natural ‘pick me up’.

Energex Plus® is a unique blend of guarana, Panax ginseng, amino acids and it has been expertly blended to contain the entire family of B vitamins. From the Amazon Basin, guarana is a natural source of caffeine that local tribes used as a natural stimulant and it contains roughly twice the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans! With a combination of seven B vitamins at 100% RDA this may help reduce stress and tiredness. Coupled with amino acids, L-tyrosine and taurine, along with Panax Ginseng this complete this naturally energising sugar-free formulation.


Professor Adam Carey shares some of his top tips to beating tiredness and boosting energy:

  • stay well hydrated – those who are dehydrated will feel mentally and physically sluggish. Small drops in hydration lead to huge falls in measured mental and physical performance
  • eat a high quality well balanced diet – those who feast on refined carbohydrates, like sweets, white breads, biscuits and cakes will get a sugar rush that offers a temporary energy lift, followed by an energy crash. Who hasn’t wanted to fall asleep in the afternoon after a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine at lunch-time?
  • get enough sleep – which for most adults is six to eight hours. Beware things that will disturb a good night, like a room that is too warm, drinking strong coffee in the evening, consuming more than a glass of wine or a pint of beer, or being significantly overweight which can cause and obstruction to normal breathing at night resulting in sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea appears to an observer as breath holding episodes followed by a shudder as the individual momentarily wakes. These episodes can occur hundreds of times a night leaving the sufferers exhausted.
  • take regular exercise – there is great evidence that those who regularly expend energy feel like they have more of it. Even when tired, exercise improves wellbeing and sleeping patterns

Professor Carey says, “If you are getting most of the above covered what else can you do if you still feel tired?  Healthspan’s new well-balanced energy product Energex Plus® just might be the answer.  It combines the B vitamin family, all of which are required to assist in producing energy from sugars and fats, together with the amino acid tyrosine, which has been shown to improve time and concentration in athletes.  The guarana provides the equivalent of one cup of coffee and ginseng is used to help the body manage physical and emotional stress.  We use these sorts of combinations to support elite athletes when they most need it, so it may just assist you.”

Healthspan Energex Plus® 60 tablets at £8.95 is available via at

Recommended dosage:

  • One tablet daily
  • For increased alertness and attention two tablets can be taken
  • Do not exceed two tablets daily
  • Contains caffeine, not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women

Energex Plus








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  • Full of B Vitamins and amino acids for energy
  • Twice as much caffeine as coffee
  • Ginseng balances emotional and physical health
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