If overindulgence in styling tools, colour and chemicals or the blustery British weather has left your crowing glory looking ravaged rather than regal, new industry innovation HEAT-TREAT™ (RRP £24.95) is about to become your new locks lifesaver. This revolutionary heated hair conditioning cap will transform dry, frizzy locks into shinier, gorgeous looking tresses in as little as two minutes – and all from the comfort of your own home.

Heat_Treat_BoxDesigned for busy women who want to give hair a boost when they don’t have time to get to the salon, HEAT-TREAT™ is a unique reusable cap. Once warmed in the microwave and applied over a treatment, it allows active ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft, leaving it intensely conditioned, giving beautiful, salon quality results.

Say goodbye to bad hair days and welcome gorgeous shiny hair in five simple steps.

The Science

Normally, only about 5% of active ingredients found in hair masks and treatments remain in place and stay active once hair is rinsed. In addition, many of these do not become active for several hours when left to develop at 20-degree heat (room temperature). However, when using HEAT-TREAT™ the heat from the cap results in an adsorption rate of over 4 times what can be achieved at room temperature and dramatically increases the speed the ingredients within the masks or treatments become active. This leaves your hair intensely nourished, looking and feeling great.

So when you want to banish frizz and need your hair to look fabulous for an important meeting or hot date but can’t get to the hairdressers, trust HEAT-TREAT™ to give salon results at home quickly and inexpensively. Delivering visibly improved shine and condition after just one use, simply warm in the microwave, place onto hair over your treatment of choice and let the heat therapy work wonders!

HEAT-TREAT™ is available to buy online at www.heattreatcap.com and at salons nationwide.

Each box includes:

• 1 reusable HEAT-TREAT™ cap
• 3 sachets of salon professional treatments including a keratin hair mask, keratin leave-in treatment and an oil treatment
• A cap liner which can be placed over the hair before applying the cap
• A beautiful velour hanging bag to help you store the cap in style!



Gets rid of frizz 4 times faster than room temperature


Visibly improved shine and condition


Salon results in your home




  • reusable HEAT-TREAT™ cap
  • Delivers visibly improved shine and condition after just one use
  • transforms dry, frizzy locks into shinier, gorgeous looking tresses in as little as two minutes

  • Need a microwave
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