Herpatch Cold Sore Serum

Herpatch Serum+
The complete and clinically proven treatment to target every stage of a cold sore outbreak and trigger the skin’s natural healing process is due to hit shelves in Boots stores, and online at Boots.com.

Created by Belgian skin care experts Sylphar, Herpatch Serum+ is a revolutionary film-forming serum specifically developed for the treatment and relief of cold sores. Activated on application, this clever white serum forms a thin, transparent film over the cold sore lesion to protect and isolate the affected skin; simultaneously helping to prevent the spread of the virusand accelerate the healing process.

In clinical trials 60 per cent of the subjects that used Herpatch Serum+ reported that the cold sore lesion was already in the healing stages after only the second day of treatment. At the sixth day of the treatment 30 per cent of the patients were completely healed, with no trace of a cold sore. On the eighth day of treatment, 80% of the patients were completely healed

Unlike any other ‘film’ patches or creams on the market, Herpatch Serum+ uses a combination of liquefied film technology, oxygenated cell regeneration therapy (essential for cell-growth and wound repair) and coated liposome technology to deliver the fast-acting active ingredients directly to the root of the cold sore blister to lower the clinical severity of the lesion and physically speed up cold sore healing time in just two days. Containing zinc, an effective astringent for treatment and prevention of cold sore infections, Beta-glucan to aid wound healing and improve immune function, and Sulfated polysaccharide obtained from red microalgae (red seaweed), which has well-known protective barrier properties, Herpatch Serum+ not only treats cold sores, but actively helps to prevent them from recurring.

Typically lasting up to two weeks, cold sore lesions are notoriously difficult to treat and are highly contagious. Cold sore blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus, which lies dormant in certain nerve cells until it is activated by stress, anxiety, a cold, or excessive exposure to the sun; it is especially important for those with young children or who work in hospitals, or the hospitality industry to keep any cold sore outbreak covered to reduce the risk of transferring the virus.

Treating every stage of the outbreak, Herpatch Serum+ is painless to remove, relieves pain and burning, helps to protect against sunlight exposure, reduces redness, swelling and blistering and also helps to prevent itching and scabbing.

Herpatch Serum+ can be applied at EVERY stage of a cold sore blister:
Day 1: Tingling (Prodome)
Day 1 – Day 2: Occurrence of blisters (Erythema + Papule)
Day 2 – Day 3: Bursting of the blisters (Vesicles)
Day 3 – Day 8: Formation of a crust
Day 8 – Day 10: Healing

Lynne Kelly used Herpatch Serum to treat her cold sores and was amazed by the results. She said,

“Herpatch Cold Sore Serum+ was unlike some of the other ‘patch’ products I had tried; easier to use, as it was a liquid in a tube which made it really easy to apply to the affected area. I noticed instantly that the itching and discomfort has subsided, but it also helped cover it, making it almost invisible.”

“I now use Herpatch Serum+ whenever I feel a cold sore breakout as it can be used during any stage. Now I have a way of managing a cold sore breakout, my confidence is so much better. I am able to look people in the eye when I am talking directly to them. I don’t feel like people are looking at me all the time because the cold sores are hardly visible, which means I am getting less stress and having fewer breakouts. Also, at £7.99 a tube, it is amazing value for money. It is such a small price to pay to gain my confidence back.”

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