Hofpäsch Riesling Auslese 2014

Andreas-Bender-Hofpäsch LRThe wines of Andreas Bender clearly carry his signature. He is a gifted Riesling winemaker. To the surprise of many wine lovers and connoisseurs Andreas does not print vineyard names on his labels. Instead, he chooses to name his wines based on historical house and farm names from his heritage in Leiwen, like Hofpäsch. Each name should reflect a certain stylistic and expression of that wine.

Appearance: Clear rich yellow.

Aroma: Complex and expressive. Spicy and herbaceous on the nose with fine honey notes, crisp apple, and succulent mirabelle.

Taste: Like finely crafted chocolate, this wine melts on your tongue with charming sweetness, supported by robust well balanced acidity. This wine captures your attention and your senses.

Food pairing: Hofpäsch is classic with desserts or a cheese course, especially blue cheeses. But if you’re adventures try matching it with a main course. Spicy Asian cuisine is a gorgeous pairing as well as robust roasts with fall vegetables.

Vintage: 2014
Wine Region: Mosel
Grape Varieties: Riesling
Designation of Origin: German quality wine with special distinction – Auslese (selection of very ripe grapes)
Degree of sweetness: Sweet
Degree of alcohol: 7.5%
Serving temperature: 6-8°C
RRP: £19.70
Stockists: St Andrew Wine Company, Honest Grapes

Colleagues refer to Andreas Bender as a “Maverick from the Mosel.” It is a fitting name for the unconventional and passionate winemaker. On one hand Andreas is very modern, especially in his label design, but also in the style of his wines.

As much as Andreas wants to make complex, story worthy wines he also believes they should to be fun to drink. Each glass is quit simply a celebration for your tastebuds! Both wine novices and ambitious wine drinkers alike are dedicated “Maverick of the Mosel” supporters. On the other hand, in contrast to his modern side, Andreas is also an absolute traditionalist who confidently believes in the “controlled doing nothing.”

He does not believe in manipulating the wine making process just to get a desirable, otherwise known as “trendy,” flavour into the wine. Andreas has an impressive understanding of varietal and origin, enabling him to work with the grapes in a very natural way. His minimalistic, let nature run its course, approach governs the entire wine making season from vine to grape to bottle.

Andreas founded his own winery in his home town, Leiwen, located directly on the Mosel. Here Riesling is king and is undoubtably his passion. Like any entrepreneur he has many projects and produces wines in different locations, including the Pfalz. He also grows a few none traditional varietals to fulfil his curiosity.

Log_WoG_Top50 LRThis wine – Mosel, 2014 Hofpäsch Riesling Auslese, Andreas Bender – was chosen back in March as one of the 2016 Top 50 Wines of Germany. Selected by an expert panel at The Sampler in South Kensington, the Top 50 Wines of Germany includes wines currently available in the UK as well as those seeking representation.

Hofpäsch Riesling Auslese 2014










The SLOAN! Factor


  • Spicy and herbaceous on the nose
  • Aromas of honey, apple and mirabelle
  • Well balanced acidity
  • Sweet dessert wine
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