How To Cut Negativity From Your Life

Would you like to know six different ways you can learn how to cut your ties with negativity to live a more fulfilled positive life? Jerry Sargeant, a renowned healer known as ‘The Facilitator’, tells us how…

Jerry Sargeant

Most of us are existing in this world, when we should be living fulfilling, vibrant and passionate lives. We are constantly bombarded by messages and are told what to eat, what to wear and our next holiday destination is often chosen for us through subliminal messaging. As a global family, we are in a state of confusion. This lowers the vibration in our mass consciousness, and negativity filters in without many of us even being aware.

Everything in this world, in our universe, is frequency. We are energetic beings and there is a vibratory scale. Negative and positive. Low or higher frequencies. You must be responsible for your own frequency. If you were not aware up until this point, now you are. So, it’s time to transform and eliminate the negativity from your life.

Here are my top tips for cutting ties with negativity:

1. Cut the “Energy Vampires” from Your Life

There are people that love drama, gossiping and playing this game on a low vibration. You know those kinds of people that are always moaning and seeing the glass as half empty? It’s time to move on. You become whom you associate with. Kick the “energy vampires” out and realise how important the company you keep is. Remember how powerful you are. You don’t need anyone to complete you. You are powerful. Stand in your truth, expand and elevate your personal vibration.

2. Stop Engaging in the Media Machine

Every bit of information you see or hear in the mainstream media is manipulated to serve an agenda. And let me tell you my friend, it’s not yours. The frequency that travels through the worlds news, within 95% of all films, across our radio waves, even in a lot of modern music is low vibrational. It takes you out of your heart and into your head, where the thousands of thoughts race through your mind on a subconscious level every day, the average man or woman having 67,000, on auto-pilot. I would suggest having an 8-week media cleanse; you’ll feel a higher frequency and negativity will lessen a lot sooner.

3. Eat Mother Nature

So many people are eating manufactured, packaged foods. I call them empty foods. They have no nutritional value and most are pumped with sugar – the worst drug on the Planet. When you eat these kinds of foods, it changes the chemicals in your brain and your body. You are then easier to influence by other people’s low vibrations and the vibration of the media machine. You are a powerful human being and you are nature itself, so it’s time to start eating Mother Nature. Try juicing green vegetables (60%) and fruits (40%) up until 1 pm every day. Mix your juice with two tablespoons of flax powder to increase the absorption rate and drink them. Your body will become more alkaline and your frequency will shift and move up. You feel so much happier and will have a massive increase in energy.

4. Exercise

When you exercise, you release chemicals into your brain, Serotonin and Dopamine. They give you confidence and make you happy. They elevate your vibration and you feel positive. When you exercise, you breathe deeply, taking in this natural life force energy that nourishes your soul. Your blood pumps around your body faster and you feel alive. When you exercise, you naturally feel high and other people’s negativity bounces off of you. You glide through your days effortlessly. Your work rate goes up and productivity is higher. If you run a business, encourage your team to go to the gym. Even pay their membership or a percentage of it. The returns you get will be incredible.

5. Meditate

Meditate every day. Start with 5 minutes every morning and every evening. You have 10 minutes a day for this. When you meditate, you are still, an observer of your mind, body and spirit. You get to take a step back and watch the thoughts in your head drifting through. You enter your heart; feel your body and huge space is created. This space allows you to see life from a different perspective. You will start to notice that things people say and do cannot affect you unless you allow them to. You start to take control of your reactions, your own thoughts and emotions. As your mind slows down your levels of creativity will elevate and you will see a laser focus come into your life that takes you to new, empowering and positive heights.

6. Follow Your Heart and Not Your Head

Question everything in your life and make sure that it is your truth and not someone else’s. The happiest people on the Planet are genuine, authentic people that do what they choose in every moment. They follow their heart and never bow down to fear. When you think too much instead of feeling your way through life, fear will often consume you. You can have one or the other… FEAR OR LOVE… Your heart is your life compass, it knows only love and it will always lead you in the direction of your dreams.

About Jerry Sargeant

Jerry Sargeant, known as ‘The Facilitator’, is world regarded for his healing abilities. Likened to some of the most influential healers in history, Jerry uses people’s genetic and holographic blueprint to help channel energy to achieve results on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Jerry and Star Magic Healing take a holistic approach to look beyond the physical body and brings to the surface the deepest and most ingrained blocks. Whether it is trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress or environmental stress. They can help transform your life from all areas of relationships to helping accelerate your career to sharpening intuition; naming but a few…

Jerry runs a number of Star Magic healing and meditation workshops, a Global Meditation Group and trains people to create and heal with Star Magic. You can find out more about Jerry and his work with Star Magic at


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